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Dinstar Fxs Gateway

Dinstar FXS gateway connects one or more traditional PBX lines to a VoIP phone system or provider. You can also connect analogue phones to it and re-use your analogue phones with a VoIP phone system.

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Dinstar UC-100-1G1S10 LTE Gateway

The UC100 is a multifunctional gateway that integrates voice and data services. It provides three voice interfaces (including GSM, FXS, and FXO) to provide seamless connectivity to VoIP networks, PLMN and PSTN.
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Dinstar DAG2000-8S8O FXS/FXO MIXED Gateway

Introducing the Dinstar DAG2000-8S8O FXS/FXO MIXED Gateway! Connect analog devices seamlessly with this advanced gateway. It supports 8 FXS ports for connecting analog phones, and 8 FXO ports for seamless integration with PSTN lines. Experience high-quality voice calls and reliable communication. Perfect for businesses seeking a cost-effective solution for voice communication needs. Upgrade your network with the Dinstar DAG2000-8S8O FXS/FXO MIXED Gateway today!
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Dinstar DAG2500 48/64/72 Port FXS VoIP Gateway

The gateway unit of the DAG2500 can provide open-standard support for SIP, as well as IPv4 and IPv6 network protocol support. It has a cabling length of up to 3 kilometers. This gateway has been certified by Broadsoft/Elastix and is fully compatible with leading SIP-based IP telephony platforms as well as NGN/IMS systems.
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Dinstar MTG2000-4E1 Carrier-grade Digital VoIP Gateway

Streamline your voice communication! This high-performance gateway seamlessly connects digital E1 lines to IP networks, offering crystal-clear voice transmission and reliable call routing. With advanced features like SIP trunking and comprehensive management tools, it's the ideal solution for carriers and enterprises seeking superior voice connectivity. Upgrade your communication infrastructure today!
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Dinstar 24 Port and 32 port FXS VoIP Gateway

Thanks to the high-end FXS gateway versatility, Dinstar 24 Port and 32 Port FXS VoIP Gateway provide a lot more versatile connection aspect. It's also ideal for distant offices, family offices, branch enterprises, and other low-cost network transmission activities using the VoIP interface, just like the others in the series. When used with fax machines, PBX systems, and analog phone systems, it performs admirably. This device has excellent audio communication, which makes it ideal for use with servers and protocols like IPPBX, SIP servers, and other top IMS/NGN platforms.
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Dinstar DAG3000-112S 112 Port FXS Gateway

Dinstar's DAG3000 series VoIP Gateway provides improved voice innovation for adjacent PBX frameworks, legacy phones (POTS), and fax machines over IP-based communication systems. The DAG3000 gateway unit has a flexible configuration and adoption design for the FXS/FXO transmission line. It has the largest number of FXO and FXS lines (112) and aims to install VoIP with reasonable contact center capabilities.
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Dinstar DAG1000 4 Port FXS and 4 Port FXO VoIP Gateway

These connect the analog phone system to the PSTN fixed transmission lines at the same time. It comes with a SIP account that supports both primary and secondary protocols. Flexible FXO port modules are also included with the unit. The gateway also has a caller ID with several SIP trunks. The device's high-end versatility is provided by the use of manipulation and routing rules. The DAG2000-4S40 gateway hybrid device provides excellent VLAN administration, as well as data and voice control.
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Dinstar DAG1000-8s FXS Gateway

The Dinstar DAG1000-4FXS/8FXS analog gateway is an IP-based voice and fax gateway. The device has 8 FXS ports, fax over IP, and a variety of dial plans. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, call centers, and multi-site environments that require VoIP services.
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Dinstar DAG2000-32S 32 FXS Analog VoIP Gateway

The DAG2000-32S is a multi-functional analogue VoIP gateway that connects IP-based telephony networks to legacy telephones (POTS), fax machines, and PBX systems. The device has a maximum of 32 FXS ports and standard RJ11 and RJ21 interfaces. It supports the SIP protocol and is compatible with leading IMS/NGN platforms as well as SIP-based IP Phone systems. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, call centres, and multi-site environments that require VoIP services.
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Dinstar UC100(LTE) All-in-one UC Gateway

The Dinstar UC-100 multi-channel gateway provides phone and data integration as well as multi-network capabilities. The device provides a user-friendly interface for the web world, with a Wi-Fi hotspot and high-speed NAT traversal. Thanks to the 32 SIP extensions included in its built-in SIP server system, it may be operated in a variety of ways.
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Dinstar DAG1000-4S(GE) 4 FXS Analog VoIP Gateway

Seamlessly bridge the gap between analog and digital communication. This compact and reliable gateway enables smooth integration of analog phone systems into VoIP networks, delivering exceptional call quality and cost savings. With four FXS ports, it allows easy connectivity for legacy devices, ensuring hassle-free communication. Upgrade your telephony infrastructure today with the Dinstar DAG1000-4S(GE) and experience enhanced connectivity like never before.
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