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Analog Cards

Analog cards are hardware components used in electronic devices to convert analog signals into digital signals or vice versa. It is used in a variety of applications, including music production, video production, and live performance. Analog cards can improve the quality of audio or video signals, reduce noise and distortion, and provide greater control over signal processing and routing.

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Sangoma Synchronous Serial Interface Cards

The award-winning AFT Product Line is the foundation for the A142 and A144 Synchronous Dual Serial Cards. You can rely on the Sangoma brand to provide the best data support on standard telecommunications networks.

Sangoma A4 Series Analog Cards

In your Asterisk system, the Digium A4 Series analog cards can support up to four connections per card. By utilizing Digium's single-port interface modules, the Digium A4 series cards can support one to four ports. Because the cards are modular, you can combine FXO and FXS interfaces. This gives you the exact port configuration you need. Digium A4 Series analog cards are available in low-profile, half-length PCI, and PCI Express configurations.

Sangoma A400 Analog Card (FXO/FXS)

The Sangoma A400 analog telephony card is our high-density analog card from two (2) to 24 ports for Asterisk, FreePBX, and PBXact phone systems.

Synway Analog Recording Tapping Card

The ATP series, which has been used by the leading call recording solution providers since the 1990s, has been optimized to fit the toughest demands and hyper-competitive environments with its unparalleled cost advantage and outstanding robustness.

Sangoma A200 Analog Card (FXO/FXS)

A200 2 – 24 Port Scalable FXO/FXS for optimum echo-canceled voice quality and enhancement choose the A200D Model with echo cancellation hardware.

Sangoma B600 Analog Card (FXO/FXS)

The Sangoma B600 voice cards deliver customers substantial cost savings, coupled with the “because it must work” quality and the Wanpipe high-end system.

Sangoma A8 Analog Cards

The A8 Series analog cards from Digium can support up to eight RJ11 connections per board. Digium's cutting-edge quad-port interface modules allow A8 Series cards to scale from one to eight ports. Because the cards are modular, you can mix and match line (FXO) and station (FXS) interfaces to get the exact ports you require.
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