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Full HD Conferencing

Acmatel offers Full HD Conferencing System that is the best teleconferencing solution as it provides clear and crisp high-quality video and audio transmission, making it suitable for use in various conferencing scenarios, such as business meetings, educational sessions, and remote medical consultations.

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Grandstream IPVideoTalk Conferencing

Grandstream's IPVideoTalk video, audio, and web conferencing platform. This robust platform provides web-based meeting plans for computers and mobile, including a free plan that supports three-person meetings.

Avaya CU360 Collaboration Unit

The Avaya Collaboration Unit is built for the cloud and employs proprietary Avaya next-generation technology to deliver everything the cloud has to offer to any business.

Yealink A30 Collaboration Bar

Yealink MeetingBar A30 Teams Edition is an all-in-one video collaboration bar designed for Medium-sized rooms. The A30 delivers exceptional video quality thanks to its 8MP camera and 120° superwide-angle lens.

Grandstream IPVT10 Video Conferencing

IPVT10 is an on-premise server designed to meet the demands of modern businesses. It is ideal for businesses with multiple locations that need an excellent visual communication experience that integrates remote employees, external customers, or anyone off-site in an easy-to-use manner.

Grandstream GVC3210 Video Conferencing

The GVC3210 is a cutting-edge video conferencing endpoint that is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful video conferencing solution.

Grandstream GVC3200 Video Conference

The GVC3200 is a powerful addition to any communications network that improves meeting collaboration by engaging in face-to-face interactions regardless of location.

Yealink A20 All-in-one Video Collaboration Bar

Yealink A20 All-in-One Video Collaboration Bar Teams was designed with collaboration in mind. It has an 8MP camera with a wide-angle lens. The video and soundbar include auto framing technology and speaker tracking for lifelike meetings and a more intelligent video conference experience. This solution also includes the Yealink CTP18 touch console, which allows you to share content with your colleagues and improve conference control during meetings.

Grandstream GVC3202 Revolutionary Video Conferencing

The GVC3202 offers the powerful advantages of an immersive video conferencing environment at a low cost. Grandstream's IPVideoTalk Video and Web Conferencing platform are supported by the GVC series. This paid subscription-based service converts any meeting hosted on any GVC device into an online meeting that can be seamlessly joined from a web browser or GVC.

Yealink ZVC500 Zoom Room Kits

The Yealink video solution Yealink ZVC500 Zoom Rooms Kits come fully integrated with Zoom Rooms and includes pre-installed Zoom Rooms software. Yealink, a Zoom-certified company, offers Zoom Rooms kits to meet the needs of meeting scenarios in medium and large rooms. The Yealink ZVC500 Zoom Rooms Solution provides premium audio and video quality thanks to the combination of the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone and the Yealink UVC50 USB PTZ camera, which work together to provide users with a native Zoom Rooms experience.

Grandstream GVC3220 4K Ultra HD Video

The GVC3220 is a high-end video conferencing system that offers an interactive and immersive video conferencing environment to boost collaboration and productivity.

Yealink ZVC400 Zoom Rooms Kit

The Yealink ZVC400 Zoom Rooms Kit is a complete video conferencing solution that includes a powerful MCore Mini-PC, an MTouch II touch panel, and a UVC40 USB PTZ video bar for an exceptional video conference experience. The Yealink ZVC400 Zoom Rooms Kit provides a productive meeting experience by combining excellent audio quality with crystal clear images. The Yealink ZVC400 employs a number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, including speaker tracking, sound localization, face detection, and others.

Yealink ZVC840 Zoom Rooms Kit

Yealink ZVC840 is a brand-new video conferencing system from Yealink that completely transforms the Zoom Rooms meeting experience. Integrates seamlessly with the Zoom Rooms App and Yealink's cutting-edge audio and video solutions.

Yealink ZVC640-C0-A00 Zoom Rooms Kit

The Yealink ZVC640 is a video conferencing bundle designed for Zoom sessions in medium and large venues. The ZVC640 Zoom Rooms system provides customers with exceptional audio and visual performance as well as a native Zoom Rooms experience, thanks to the UVC84 camera and the CP960 conference phone that integrates with microphones, speakers, and meeting consoles.
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