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Upgrading Your IP Telephony System


Figure out your objectives while upgrading your IP Telephony System :

Answer the following two questions before making any changes to your phone system:

1. What are the limitations of your current telephony system? In what way is your system insufficient? For example, Are you losing potential customers because they are tired of being put on hold?

2. Is your phone system allowing you to achieve your goals for your business? Are your customers being served better because of your phone system? Are your phone service cost-efficient? As your business grows, will your phone system grow too?

Understanding the answers to these questions will help you coordinate your needs and goals for the present and the future with your IPT system. After this, all you need to do is match your needs to the phone system that you will need to purchase.

Phasing the Rollout 
For a smooth transition to an IPT system, phasing a rollout might be the best approach.

Phase 1:

Build the foundation – 

A converged IP network is needed by an IPT system at its foundation. On an IP network that is converged, phone calls travel over the internet as data, just like instant messages, e-mails, video, and other traffic. The administrative burden gets simplified by having one network for multiple purposes since it reduces costs because you no longer need to maintain multiple networks. Not only that but you will also save on costs for telecommunications and long-distance charges.

Phase 2:

Addition of functionality – 

As soon as a basic IPT system is up and running smoothly, you should think about enhancing its functionality with new features. Some possibilities include the following:

  • Softphones.
  • A virtual private network.
  • Wireless networking and wireless IP phones.
  • Video.
  • Applications that support integrated voice and data
  • Contact centers
  • Advanced security

Phase 3:

Integrate business applications – 

In phase 3, You can decide to knot business applications into your IPT system. Since you can accomplish this in an easy and inexpensive manner, your small business could create an illusion of being big to outsiders. For example, you could combine the integrated voice response (IVR) software with your IPT system.


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Amit has over two decades of expertise in product development, team building and scaling, and leading software architecture and operations. Amit had firsthand experience with IT pain and frustration while running his prior business and was determined to solve it with ACMA. In developing solutions, he is steadfastly dedicated to establishing a culture based on diversity, inclusion, and ethics. He promotes critical thinking from all walks of life and viewpoints.

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