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Softswitches Solution Advantages

Feb 3, 2014 886 Views

Switching lies at the core of all telecommunications networks, allowing efficient point-to-point communications without direct connections between every node.

The Softswitch solution is a new software-based switching solution that runs on standard hardware to supplement or replace central office switching functions. Softswitches execute the same functions as traditional switches and are completely transparent to end users. Telecommunications companies are embracing soft switches because they are functionally equivalent to conventional phone switches, only better, faster, and cheaper.

Softswitches are carrier-class servers that control voice phone calls across circuit- and packet-switched networks, which promise to support intriguing new services by dint of their open application programming interfaces for service software. The attraction soft switches hold is that they cost about a tenth of regular local phone switches, take up much less space, and have open APIs that enable third-party vendors to write complex services the switches control. They also enable the completion of calls between circuit-switched and packet networks, enabling carriers to use a single packet backbone for voice and data traffic.

Key Benefits of Softswitches Solution

Facilitate Migration to IP Networks

  • Allow for easy expansion
  • Leverage existing databases
  • Evolve networks and services through a distributed architecture

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce costs of handling calls
  • Boost the capacity of existing lines by offloading data to IP networks
  • Manage networks more efficiently

Improve Service

  • Differentiate service through value-added offerings
  • Provide end users the capability to maintain their own service preferences
  • Roll out new services more quickly

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