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Sangoma GSM Gateway

Sangoma GSM gateway is easy to configure and manage, with a user-friendly web-based interface and remote management capabilities. It also provides detailed reporting and monitoring capabilities, allowing businesses to monitor their mobile usage and costs.

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Sangoma Vega 50 Gateway

On four physical interfaces, the Sangoma Vega 50 gateway can support up to ten analog ports or eight basic rate ISDN channels. Up to eight FXS or FXO ports, or a combination of the two, are also standard.

Sangoma IMG 2020 Media Gateways

Sangoma IMG 2020 Media Gateway is a powerful and flexible solution for businesses looking to connect their legacy telephony infrastructure to modern IP-based networks. Its advanced features and compatibility with popular platforms make it a reliable and cost-effective choice for any business communication needs.

Sangoma Vega 3000G Analog Gateways

The Vega 3000G is designed to make legacy phone systems easier to integrate into a VoIP network. The Vega 3000G is a device that connects analog handsets and devices to an IP network, most commonly an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) or a corporate network.

Sangoma G400 Digital Gateways

The G400 gateway is the most cost-effective way to connect disparate traditional telephony topologies (T1/E1/PRI) to IP (SIP). Digium manages the gateway, which is based on the Asterisk communications engine and allows for simple navigation and setup. The device supports up to 120 simultaneous calls and has four (4) software-selectable T1/E1/PRI interfaces.

Sangoma Vega 60G BRI Digital Gateways

The Sangoma Vega 60G  BRI Media Gateway is intended to make it easier to integrate Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) devices into a VoIP network. Each BRI interface can be configured as either a network or a terminal interface. As a result, the Vega 60G  BRI Media Gateway can be used for IP PBX connectivity to PSTN and SIP trunking services.

Sangoma IMG1010 Media Gateway

Sangoma's IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway is a carrier-ready VoIP gateway that integrates media and signaling into a single chassis. It enables service providers to add new telephony services quickly and provides a clear migration path to an all-IP network.

Sangoma Vega 400GF Digital Gateway

The Sangoma Vega 400 GF gateway offers a comprehensive set of Fax-over-IP (FoIP) features and functions suitable for high-speed, high-density fax production, saving you money on toll charges. When SIP trunks are not available, the Vega 400GF connects your FoIP application to T1/E1 trunks to enable TDM connectivity, delivering highly reliable real-time faxing over the T.38 protocol.
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