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PRI Cards

A PRI (Primary Rate Interface) card is a type of telecommunication card that is used to connect a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system to the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN). It allows for the transmission of voice and data traffic over digital channels using the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) protocol.

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Digium Single Span PRI Card

The single-span digital card configuration makes use of cutting-edge advancements to feature T1/E1/PRI situations that necessitate a superior, cost-effective telecommunication interface card.

Sangoma 2400 Telephony Cards

The Sangoma 2400 series analog telephony card can accommodate up to six quad port station or trunk modules for a total of 24 lines, making them ideal for larger installations or channel bank replacement. The Sangoma 2400 series are full-length PCI-Express 1.0 VoIP PBX hardware cards that connect analog telephone stations and analog POTS lines to a PC.

Sangoma A104 PRI Card

Sangoma A104 PRI Card stands as an impressive and dependable telephony interface card, offering top-notch digital connectivity and cutting-edge functionalities catered to the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises. Its seamless setup process, intuitive user interface, and seamless integration with popular telephony applications position it as an outstanding option for businesses seeking an economical and expandable digital connectivity solution.

Sangoma TE235 Digital Cards

Sangoma TE235 Digital Cards offer a dependable and budget-friendly answer for enterprises seeking to link their computer systems with digital telephony infrastructure. With their exceptional functionalities and seamless integration with well-known telephony systems, these cards become an optimal selection for fulfilling any communication requirements of businesses.

Sangoma A102 PRI Card

The A102 is also used to extend the life of data WAN networks for businesses with multiple locations. They are highly compatible with the vast majority of commercial-grade servers, allowing you to keep your existing hardware routing equipment on-site. Create custom routing equipment using advanced drivers and API to replace an existing obsolete setup.

Sangoma A116 PRI Cards

The Sangoma A116 is a 16-Span T1/E1/J1 board with a PCI Express interface and a DSP hardware echo canceller daughterboard. The A116 is designed for high-performance voice and data applications such as call centers, large IVR systems, and soft switches.

Sangoma A101 Analog Telephone Adaptor

The Sangoma A101 Analog Telephone Adaptor connects your existing analogue phone to your computer. This allows you to use your phone as a regular phone or to make and receive phone calls from your computer. This is the ideal solution for folks who need to utilise their phone with their computer for business or home office applications.

Digium Dual Span PRI Card

Digium offers yet another great device – a dual-span digital card that supports 48 (T1 / J1) or 60 (E1) connection ports to join them with the PSTN trunks with the help of 2 spans or digital circuits.

Sangoma TE100 Digital Cards

Sangoma TE100 Digital Cards provide dependable voice and data connectivity options for your organisation. These digital cards provide exceptional interoperability and versatility due to their sophisticated capabilities and smooth interaction. The TE100 Digital Cards are intended to simplify your communication system by providing superior voice quality and data transmission speed.

Sangoma D100 PCI Voice Transcoding Card

The Sangoma D100 PCI Voice Transcoding Card is an exceptional hardware solution specifically engineered for voice transcoding within VoIP networks. Its cutting-edge capabilities and advantages not only elevate the performance, scalability, and dependability of VoIP systems but also guarantee unmatched reliability and efficiency.

Sangoma B43X Digital Cards

Sangoma's B43X series of BRI telephony cards are designed for Asterisk, FreePBX, and PBXact phone systems in the European (UK) region. On a single interface, you can make up to eight crystal clear BRI calls.

Sangoma A8 Analog Cards

The A8 Series analog cards from Digium can support up to eight RJ11 connections per board. Digium's cutting-edge quad-port interface modules allow A8 Series cards to scale from one to eight ports. Because the cards are modular, you can mix and match line (FXO) and station (FXS) interfaces to get the exact ports you require.

Sangoma A4 Series Analog Cards

In your Asterisk system, the Digium A4 Series analog cards can support up to four connections per card. By utilizing Digium's single-port interface modules, the Digium A4 series cards can support one to four ports. Because the cards are modular, you can combine FXO and FXS interfaces. This gives you the exact port configuration you need. Digium A4 Series analog cards are available in low-profile, half-length PCI, and PCI Express configurations.

Sangoma TE435 Digital Cards

Connect your PTSN to an Asterisk connection using only Asterisk-certified telephony board cards. Due to their high performance, low cost, and high-quality telephony cards, Digium cards are the best choice for Asterisk implementations in your telephony network.

Sangoma D150 Transcoding Card

The Sangoma D150 Transcoding Cards include 30 to 400 transcoding sessions, are field upgradeable, do not require licensing, and work with Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. If you want to save bandwidth or improve voice quality, don't settle for host-based software licenses that increase CPU load unnecessarily. Instead, go with Sangoma's D150 Series.
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