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What Exactly is a Predictive Dialer?


Like auto-dialers or robo-dialers, predictive dialers are outbound dialing systems that automatically call numbers on a list. When a connection is made, a predictive dialer continues calling numbers until it transfers the call to a live agent. In addition to many other things, dialers send out busy signals, voicemails, no-answers, and disconnected numbers.

Then what made predictive dialers distinct from other automatic dialers? Their capacity to use call metrics to predict when live agents will be available to answer the following call, allows them to plan their auto-dialing to coincide with agent availability. The predictive dialer will reduce or stop its outreach if a call center is busy and there are plenty of agents chatting until it notices that the agents are almost finished with their calls.

The ability of predictive dialers to dial numerous numbers at once is another distinctive quality. To maximize agent usage, the aim is to call the right amount of leads at the right time.

The ability of predictive dialers to dial numerous numbers at once is another distinctive quality. To maximize agent usage, the aim is to call the right amount of leads at the right time.

For around 30 years already, predictive dialers have been in use. They originated in the banking sector and were mostly employed for debt recovery. Although predictive dialers initially came in the form of hardware, many businesses today offer software that is typically housed in the cloud. Hosted dialers are preferred by many firms since they lower initial capital expenditures, as well as IT, costs. For all stats visibility, certain dialers can even link with CRMs.

How exactly does the Predictive Dialer Operate?

Using an algorithm and call history data, it calculates each agent’s expected call completion time and availability before dialing the right number. Your agents will only receive live calls from your clients because the predictive dialer technology is capable of identifying answering machines, dropped calls, and unanswered calls.

Considering that the predictive dialer only links the agents with callers who will really pick up the phone. You can modify the dial level and the maximum number of concurrent calls on the dialer dashboard.

What happens to Calls that go Unanswered?

You just have a brief window of time to win back your customers’ patience because it often wears out within a few seconds. To make you’re calling procedure as effective as possible, try to keep your abandonment rate as low as feasible. Every abandoned call stems from a bad dialing setup, which your predictive dialer ought to manage automatically.

You can save time and money by using predictive dialers. Agents may spend more time interacting with prospects thanks to predictive dialers, which phone numbers automatically until they connect to a live call.

It reduces Agent Inactivity:

For agents, manually connecting calls requires a lot of time. Every time a call center agent picks up a call, he wastes time dealing with disconnected calls, busy tones, and answering machines. Predictive dialers recognize these time-wasting signals and reject calls that contain them. By doing this, you may improve agent productivity while reducing idle time.

When using predictive dialers, it is simple to distinguish between productive and ineffective local numbers. Even so, missed calls are forwarded to agents who are available to take the following call after checking their availability. By saving time, this enables the agent to handle more calls per hour.

It Increases Sales:

Predictive dialer software can boost call volume while enhancing call quality. Although no one can promise success on every contact, the fact that the agents are taking more calls raises the possibility that more leads will be converted at the conclusion of each shift.

Because most of the time is spent listening to busy tones, leaving voicemails, or setting up follow-ups, manual dialing is ineffective. Adding contacts from additional sources can help to further streamline lead generation and management.

Reduces the Cost of Operations:

Even if your business doesn’t get or make a lot of calls, you might want to hire an operator to handle calls for your agents. Finding someone we are confident will do the job well can be challenging, though.

Utilizing your current computer network with predictive dialer software can help you save money. Predictive dialers that are cloud-based do not require new hardware. You already have everything you need to revamp your call center.

Predictive dialers allow contact centers to operate with fewer call agents because fewer agents are needed to handle calls. This reduces the operational costs of call centers.

Final thoughts:

In today’s fast-paced environment, it is crucial to call and speak with potential clients as soon as you can.

Predictive dialing solutions housed in the cloud will not only save the amount of time your agents spend dialing, but they will also enable them to make and receive calls from any location.


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Amit has over two decades of expertise in product development, team building and scaling, and leading software architecture and operations. Amit had firsthand experience with IT pain and frustration while running his prior business and was determined to solve it with ACMA. In developing solutions, he is steadfastly dedicated to establishing a culture based on diversity, inclusion, and ethics. He promotes critical thinking from all walks of life and viewpoints.

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