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Customer Engagement Through Intensive Communication


It is the dream of any entrepreneur to generate a lead and then sign in as a prospective customer. Your main task after achieving this goal should be to convert that customer into your loyal client. While this is possible to accomplish in quite a few ways, intensive communication is a really well-tried and tested method. This guide will let you know how you can keep your customers engaged with you for the long haul.

Presence on Social Media

Since the number of social media users will be beyond 3 billion people by 2021, it’s necessary to offer your customers easy communication via social media. Thus, it is important to form a communication crew that will manage Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter texting. Not only will they be handling this but they must also be trained to receive video calls.

Availability on social media has one big benefit which is that your communication operators will be able to perform their tasks from their smartphones or tablets. This results in the opportunity to meet your customers for a short time and thus you save time and increase revenue.

Evergreen Email

Although contacting your customers via email is a subtle option, they are very impactful. For the purpose of business communication, using emails shows respect for your client’s time. They can read and reply when they have the time.

Direct text messages and Phone Calls

It is smart to offer your customers a domestic number since they feel more comfortable and it definitely increases the trust factor.

Interaction via Your Website

Create a contact page on the website so that the client has easy access to get in touch with you.

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