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Synway Call Recording Cards & Solutions

Synway's call recording cards are hardware devices that can be installed in a computer or server to provide recording capabilities for phone conversations. These cards are designed to work with various phone systems, including analog, digital, and VoIP systems. Synway's call recording cards provide businesses with a reliable and flexible solution for recording phone conversations.

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Synway E1/T1 Recording Server

Call recording has tangible value and is widely used as a basic function of communication systems. Synway currently has the most comprehensive product line in the world, including analogue passive recording, E1/T1 passive recording, digital phone set passive recording, VoIP recording, and others.
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Synway Analog Recording Tapping Card

The ATP series, which has been used by the leading call recording solution providers since the 1990s, has been optimized to fit the toughest demands and hyper-competitive environments with its unparalleled cost advantage and outstanding robustness.
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Synway E1/T1 Passive Tapping Card

The DTP series has been widely used by call recording application developers to passively tap E1/T1/J1 networks in a variety of complex telephony environments due to its multiple signaling capabilities and high compatibility with international standards. Because of its unrivaled cost advantages and world-class robustness, the DTP series has been optimized to fit the toughest demands and most competitive environments by the leading call recording solution providers since the 1990s.
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Synway Radio Recording SDK

Synway Radio Recording SDK offers developers a versatile and robust option to construct personalized applications for recording radio content. With its state-of-the-art functionalities, seamless integration, and exceptional audio processing capabilities, this SDK presents an optimal selection for diverse use cases and applications.
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Synway Digital PBX Tapping Card

The robust and dependable Synway Digital PBX Tapping Card is a hardware solution for digital phone system call recording applications. It is a good choice for service providers, corporations, and other organisations that require dependable and effective call recording capabilities because to its extensive features, high-performance hardware, and ease of integration.
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Synway Radar Data Tapping Card

The Radar Data Recording Board is specifically designed to record data from airport air traffic control radars. This board has a PCI interface and can record and playback radar data from up to four ports. It is the first radar data recording product that has been publicly released for sale in China.
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Synway Analog Recording Server

ATP Recording Server is a stand-alone call recording solution for analog networks with small or medium scalability. This server includes a web-based interface that allows users to configure logging modes and search logging files, allowing them to easily set up an audio monitoring system in any (analog) network environment.
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