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Wifi IP Phone

Wifi IP Phone uses Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) technology to make and receive calls over an IP (Internet Protocol) network and allows workers to stay connected while on the move or working remotely.

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Grandstream WP825 Wi-Fi IP Phone

The Grandstream WP825 Wi-Fi IP Phone is a ruggedized portable Wi-Fi IP phone that is ideal for a wide range of enterprise and vertical market applications such as retail, logistics, medical, and security.

Yealink W52H DECT Cordless Handset

The Yealink SIP-W52H cordless units, when used in conjunction with the SIP-W52P handset and base station, allow you to increase the number of users while also providing increased flexibility and scalability.

Yealink W53H DECT Handset

The Yealink W53H wireless DECT Handset is compatible with the Yealink W53P DECT system. For users who need a high-quality on-the-go communication system that won't break the bank, the W53P is a reliable and cost-effective solution. The W53P is ideal for people who need to make a lot of wireless calls.

Grand Stream GRP2624 Wi-Fi IP Phone

The GRP2624 is an 8-line professional carrier-grade IP phone with integrated PoE and Wi-Fi designed to provide enterprises, service providers, and high-volume markets with zero-touch provisioning, a sleek design, and next-generation features.

Fanvil H3W Hotel WiFi IP Phone

The Fanvil H3W IP Phone with integrated WiFi makes it simple for hotels and other companies, such as retail and hospitals, to implement their telephony system totally wirelessly through WiFi. The H3W is simple to operate and includes a number of useful features, like speed dial, a service hotline, and more. The H3W includes a USB charging connector and is compatible with the Opus codec.

Yealink W60P IP DECT Phone

The Yealink DECT IP Phone W60P improves communication productivity for on-the-go employees in industries such as warehousing, catering, and retail, as well as in factory settings.

Grandstream WP820 Portable WiFi IP Phone

The WP820 is a portable WiFi IP phone with dual-band WiFi support, built-in Bluetooth, and a sophisticated antenna design that allows users to roam seamlessly across any WiFi environment.

Yealink W79P DECT IP Phone

With Yealink's Redirection and Provisioning Service (RPS) and Boot mechanism, the Yealink DECT IP Phone W79P supports efficient provisioning and effortless mass deployment, allowing you to achieve Zero Touch Provisioning without any complex manual settings, making it simple to deploy, maintain, and upgrade, saving even more time and IT costs for businesses.

Fanvil V67 Flagship Smart Video Phone

The lighting on the V67 keypad was inspired by luxury car interiors. The flow lighting functions well as a status indicator. The 7-inch touchscreen can automatically adjust to the various visual angles required, providing users with a fantastic visual experience Do you wish to discuss your project

Yealink W59R DECT Handset

The Yealink W80 Multi-Cell System and the W60 Multi-Cell System are both compatible with the W59R handset, allowing for seamless handover and roaming. Users can use a Bluetooth headset to talk hands-free thanks to the built-in Bluetooth technology. Because the W59R handset has HD Voice, calls will be crystal clear. When calls come in, the vibration alarm feature will notify employees, allowing them to be alerted even when they are in noisy environments.

Grandstream WP810 Portable WiFi IP Phone

The WP810 is a low-cost cordless Wi-Fi IP phone with dual-band Wi-Fi support, a 6-hour talk time, and an efficient antenna design that allows users to seamlessly roam across any Wi-Fi network.

Yealink W56P Wireless DECT Phone

The Yealink W56P Wireless DECT Phone can provide wire-free communication as well as industry-leading battery life. This upgraded DECT phone was created to help on-the-go workers communicate more effectively. Catering, warehouses, and retail stores, for example, would benefit greatly from this wireless solution with extended battery life.

Fanvil X3SW WiFi Phone

The X3SW is a 2.4-inch color screen WIFI phone that realizes wireless business and improves collaboration efficiency. With HD audio, built-in 2.4G WiFi, and a 6-way audio conference, it is suitable for a variety of enterprise scenarios, providing users with a high-quality and simple-to-use experience.

Fanvil H5W Hotel WiFi IP Phone

While the H5W has a number of exciting new features, one of them is wideband HD Voice, which allows users to hear and be heard well whether they are using the handset or the built-in speakerphone. Instead of settling for a phone from the previous year, provide your clients, employees, and visitors with the convenience and accessibility they deserve.
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