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Snom IP Phone

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Snom D315 IP Phone

The D315 desk phone from Snom has a lighted graphical four-line display and supports up to four SIP accounts. The D315 features five customizable function keys with green LEDs, as well as a local directory with up to 1000 entries.

Snom D745 IP Phone

The Snom D745's exquisite form will blend in with even the most opulent surroundings, and the phone's high/low angle foot base allows it to be positioned for maximum user comfort and efficiency. The sound quality is incredibly clear thanks to the wideband HD audio.

Snom D725 IP Phone

The D725 is the phone to have if you want to stay on top of everything. The user has the most flexibility with three rows of 18 freely programmable colorful function keys. To meet the most demanding telephony requirements, the D725 includes a Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Snom D735 SIP Phone

The Snom D735 is a stylish phone with a high-resolution 2.7-color display and eight multicolored function keys. This desk phone comes with HD audio and a gigabit switch as standard features. Users can now route calls at the touch of a button, make conference calls, and/or temporarily silence the desk phone with the latest firmware.

Snom D120 IP Phone

The Snom D120 delivers a better level of capability and versatility to entry-level IP desk phones with two SIP lines. A black and white illuminated graphical display is included.

Snom D335 IP Phone

The Snom D335 IP Phone professional desktop phone is a low-cost entry-level device into the VoIP telephony world. It contains 32 function keys that are self-labeling (8 physical). It also has a high-resolution TFT display, sensor technology for dynamic UI, and other features.

Snom D385 IP Desk Phone

Snom HD audio quality will also be available to D385 users. Snom is a technical leader in this industry, with over 20 years of experience. All callers will feel as if they are sitting next to each other thanks to the embedded Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which optimizes quality in real time.

Snom D717 IP Phone

The Opus codec, which provides crystal-clear audio or high-quality narrowband audio, is supported by the D717 SIP Color Deskset. The D717 is a top contender on your list of entry-level phones thanks to zero-touch provisioning, a 2.8-inch color display, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and a USB port.

Snom D305 Desk Telephone

The Snom D305 is a professional phone with a high-resolution display that delivers the great cost-performance ratio that Snom cellphones in this price range have become known for.

Snom D712 IP Phone

A four-line black and white graphical display is included with the D712. The D712 supports the newest VoIP security protocols using a pre-installed certificate to assure secure communications. The D712's advanced remote management and provisioning capabilities make it a suitable endpoint for hosted VoIP service providers.

Snom D715 IP Phone

With HD audio and enhanced end-to-end call quality, the Snom D715 is designed to deliver common business telephony capabilities crucial to today's real-time, information-driven business workforce. The D715 supports a wide range of media codecs, including the G.722 wideband codec, and includes a sleek ergonomically built handset with an advanced speaker and microphone system.

Snom D785 VoIP Phone

The Snom D785 is the ideal blend of innovative technology and attractive design, and its easy user interface sets new benchmarks. The D785 marks yet another milestone in Snom's twenty-year history, thanks to its high-resolution color display and useful second screen.

Snom D375 IP Phone

The D375 allows you to use multiple audio devices at the same time, including the headset and speakers at the same time. The D375 keypad offers a set of 10 timesaving and specialized function keys, including Do Not Disturb, redial, transfer, and conference, in addition to its distinctive, slightly inclined form for effortless dialing.

Snom D765 SIP Phone

The D765 has two Gigabit Ethernet connections and one Hi-Speed USB port for connecting to peripherals such a USB or Bluetooth headset, a WiFi stick, and/or the D7 Expansion Module. With an advanced speaker and microphone system, the D765's Digital Signal Processor (DSP) delivers the greatest audio quality for any user.

Snom D345 IP Phone

The Snom D345 desk phone is an IP phone with a lighted graphical 4-line display that supports up to 12 SIP accounts. The D345 contains 12 self-labeling programmable function keys with multi-colored LEDs for BLF, as well as a second screen with four page views, allowing for a total of 48 fast dials and/or functions.
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