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Sangoma Voip Gateway

The Sangoma VoIP Gateway can convert voice signals from analog or digital telephony systems into IP packets that can be transmitted over the internet or other IP networks, and vice versa. Sangoma's VoIP gateway products include analog, digital, and hybrid gateways, as well as session border controllers (SBCs). It supports a variety of voice codecs, including G.711 and G.729, and can be used with a variety of VoIP protocols, such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.323.

There are 2 products.

Sangoma Netborder SS7 VoIP Gateway

The Sangoma NetBorder SS7 VoIP Gateway is a feature-rich, cost-effective solution that enables Telecom service providers to integrate VoIP into their networks while also allowing for transcoding.    

Sangoma G200 Digital Gateways

The Sangoma G200 Digital VoIP Gateway is easy to use and configure, and it is far more convenient to deploy in your network than integrating a Digium card into your server. The Digium Gateway can also work with multiple servers at once. To save server resources, remove transcoding from the server and place it in a standalone appliance.
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