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Fanvil Video Door Phone

Fanvil Video Door Phone is an advanced communication device that allows users to see, hear and communicate with visitors at their front door, gate, or entrance from any location within the premises. It is a security and surveillance solution designed to enhance the security of residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

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Fanvil i33V/i33VF SIP Video Door Phone

The Fanvil i33V/i33VF SIP Video Door Phone stands out as an impressive and feature-rich device that ensures secure and convenient access control in diverse settings. With its top-notch video and audio capabilities, seamlessly integrated access control functionality, and robust construction, it emerges as the perfect option for individuals seeking a dependable and adaptable access control solution.

Fanvil i32V SIP Video Door Phone

DTMF, RFID/IC card, indoor switch, WEB page Unlock door method: DTMF, RFID/IC card, indoor switch, WEB page Support 5000 Remote access list Support 5000 RFID/IC cards Support for 200,000 door open records Optional internal or external power supply for electric locks Dynamic multicast support ONVIF support customised DSS keys Network Time Synchronization Action URL / Active URI

Fanvil i62 Video Door Phone

The i62 Video Door Phone is a cutting-edge communication device designed for secure access control and video intercom systems. It combines the functionality of a doorbell, surveillance camera, and two-way communication system into a single compact unit. With its high-definition camera, it provides clear video footage, allowing users to see and interact with visitors at their doorstep remotely.

Fanvil i61 Video Door Phone

The Fanvil i61 Video Door Phone stands out as an advanced IP intercom solution meticulously crafted to meet the needs of both residential and commercial settings. Its exceptional attributes include a vibrant 7-inch touch-sensitive panel, presenting a crystal-clear 1024x600 resolution. This ensures effortless visibility and seamless interaction with visitors standing at your doorstep.

Fanvil i63 Video Door Phone

The Fanvil i63 Video Door Phone stands out as a top-notch video intercom solution crafted to cater to both residential and commercial needs. It showcases an integrated 2-megapixel camera endowed with night vision capabilities, guaranteeing impeccable video footage with remarkable clarity and precision even when confronted with dimly lit environments.

Fanvil i64 Video Door Phone

Stay connected with your door at all times with Fanvil i64 Video Door Phone. High-resolution video and audio deliver crisp and clear images and sound from your door to your phone or tablet, allowing you to see and communicate with visitors no matter where you are. The weather-proof design ensures reliable performance all year round, and easy installation means you can enjoy the benefits of door-phone security in no time.
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