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Emergency Alert Solution

This completely essential infrastructure is built to deliver millions of messages at once via the fastest and highest-reliability backbone in the business.

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AcmaTel provides expert Emergency Alert Solutions so that whenever an emergency takes place, a relevant group of people can be informed about the crisis within a few clicks, so they can start the rescue operation. This can be used with respect to Hospitals, NGOs, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Security Services, etc.

Emergency Alert Solutions creates different emergency codes and configures the relevant extension number for each with details of concerned rescue operators. Based on the received information, the system will locate the type and location of the emergency and will generate a quick alert SMS, and send it to all relevant members of the concerned group.

Here are some common emergency alert solutions:

Mass notification systems: Mass notification systems are used to send alerts to large groups of people via various communication channels such as SMS, email, voice calls, social media, and mobile app notifications.

Public address systems: Public address systems are used to broadcast emergency messages over loudspeakers in public areas such as schools, airports, and hospitals.

Emergency sirens: Emergency sirens are loud, audible warning devices that are used to alert people of potential danger. They are commonly used in areas prone to natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Digital signage: Digital signage can be used to display emergency messages and alerts in public areas such as airports, train stations, and shopping malls.

Mobile apps: Mobile apps can be used to send emergency alerts and notifications to users based on their location or preferences.

Two-way radios: Two-way radios can be used to communicate emergency messages between first responders and emergency personnel.

Emergency broadcast systems: Emergency broadcast systems are used by radio and TV stations to broadcast emergency messages and alerts to the public.

Social Media Alert Systems: These are systems that use social media platforms to send emergency messages to people.

The Emergency Alert System also provides several reports ranging from Activity, Task, Failure, and Call Log Reports. These can be reviewed on demand and automated reports can be provided on a weekly or daily basis.

Emergency Alert Solutions are a critical component of emergency preparedness and response. They enable organizations to quickly and effectively notify people of potential danger and provide instructions on how to stay safe during an emergency.

It is important to have emergency alert solutions in place to ensure that people are notified quickly and efficiently in the event of an emergency. These solutions can help save lives and minimize damage.


  • Quick Alerts
  • Detailed Location
  • Automated
  • Detailed Reporting and Logs
  • Custom Configurations

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