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Dinstar Video Intercoms

Dinstar video intercom systems typically consist of an outdoor unit, which includes a camera and intercom, and an indoor unit, which includes a monitor and intercom. When a visitor arrives, they can use the outdoor unit to call the occupant and request entry. The occupant can then view the visitor on the indoor monitor and communicate with them using the intercom. If the occupant decides to grant entry, they can do so remotely from the indoor unit.

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Dinstar DP70 SIP Intercom

The Dinstar DP70 SIP Intercom stands as an exceptional intercom solution meticulously crafted to cater to diverse settings, encompassing corporate establishments, residential complexes, and communal areas. Leveraging the robustness of the SIP protocol, this intercom system seamlessly integrates with an extensive array of IP phone systems and other SIP-enabled devices.
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Dinstar DP83 Dual‐button SIP Video Intercom

A dual-button SIP video intercom system with seamless communication is now available: the Dinstar DP83. It has programmable buttons for certain operations and is perfect for use in workplaces, residences, hotels, and commercial buildings. Utilise the built-in camera and microphone to take high-definition video and audio. It guarantees secure and effective communication in any setting and is simple to install and integrate with IP-based systems. Learn more about the Dinstar DP83's capabilities for a cutting-edge intercom experience.
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Dinstar DP85 Dual button SIP Video Intercom

The Dinstar DP85 Dual Button SIP Video Intercom is a dependable and user-friendly communication device that provides secure and convenient access control for a variety of applications. The combination of high-quality audio and video transmission technology, as well as ease of integration with IP phone systems, making it an excellent alternative for organisations seeking a modern and effective access control solution.
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Dinstar DP88 SIP Video Intercom

The DP88 provides keyless control and convenience to users by supporting a variety of keyless door opening methods. If there is an electronic door lock, the door can be opened remotely as well as with a local password or IC/ID card.
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Dinstar DP90 Mini SIP Video Intercom

The Dinstar DP90 Mini SIP Video Intercom is a sleek and compact device that enhances security and communication for your home or business. With its high-definition video and audio capabilities, you can easily see and speak to visitors from anywhere in the world through your mobile device. Its easy-to-use interface and versatile compatibility with various SIP-based platforms make it a reliable and efficient solution for your communication needs.
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