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Dinstar IP PBX

A Dinstar IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is designed to provide voice and data communication services within an organization or enterprise. It is a software-based solution that runs on a server and allows users to make and receive telephone calls, send and receive faxes, and manage other communication tasks using an IP network

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D-link DVX-2002F IP PBX

The Dlink DVX-2002F IP PBX System is an Asterisk-based IP PBX with 30 user support and 2 FXO ports. The Dlink DVX-2002F IP PBX System includes all of the essential telephony features, including call forwarding, follow me, call hold, and voicemail. The unified auto-attendant and hunt groups direct incoming calls to assist callers in reaching their destinations. It can make use of standard phone lines through an external phone line gateway or low-cost Internet telephony services.
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Dinstar UC1500 IP PBX

Your unified communications (UC) solution's core voice gateway is the UC1500. It is based on the X86 platform and allows users to instal third-party PBX software with ease. With modular and hot swappable FXS/FXO/E1/T1 interface boards and an open API, users can connect to SIP trunks, PSTN, legacy PBX, analogue phones, fax machines, and IP phones as needed.
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Dinstar UC350 High-end IP PBX

The Dinstar UC350 High-end IP PBX is a dependable and feature-rich phone system ideal for medium to large-sized organisations with sophisticated telephony needs. Its modular design and sophisticated features make it a perfect alternative for enterprises that want a highly configurable and scalable phone system.
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Dinstar UC2500 IP PBX

Dinstar UC2500 IP PBX is a cutting-edge phone system that offers unparalleled value for businesses and home users alike. This phone system is a smart investment for any home or office, as it is designed to be expandable and can easily connect to any other phone system, computer, tablet, or smartphone.
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