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Digital VOIP Gateways

Digital VoIP Gateway converts traditional analog telephone signals into digital signals that can be transmitted over an IP network. It provides a bridge between the traditional telephone network and the world of Voice over IP (VoIP) communication, allowing users to make and receive voice calls over the internet and reducing the cost of long-distance and international calls.

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Dinstar MTG5000 High Density Digital VoIP Gateway

A VoIP gateway is an electronic device that allows you to make voice calls over the Internet. It is typically connected to a VoIP phone, but can also be used with a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phone. There are several different models available, with some having a built-in camera and a microphone, so you can make video calls. This particular model has a built-in microphone and camera, which makes it ideal for both traditional and online communication.
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Grandstream GXW4500 Digital VoIP Gateway

The GXW4500 Digital VoIP Gateway by Grandstream is specifically crafted to cater to the needs of expansive enterprises and service providers. With a plethora of cutting-edge functionalities and tailor-made configuration possibilities, this gateway emerges as an optimal selection for businesses seeking to enhance their communication and collaboration capabilities.
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Dinstar MTG2000-4E1 Carrier-grade Digital VoIP Gateway

Streamline your voice communication! This high-performance gateway seamlessly connects digital E1 lines to IP networks, offering crystal-clear voice transmission and reliable call routing. With advanced features like SIP trunking and comprehensive management tools, it's the ideal solution for carriers and enterprises seeking superior voice connectivity. Upgrade your communication infrastructure today!
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Dinstar MTG2000 Carrier-grade Digital VoIP Gateway

The Dinstar MTG2000 Carrier-grade Digital VoIP Gateway stands as an exceptional gateway meticulously crafted for implementation within extensive telecommunications networks. Its remarkable capabilities extend to accommodating a staggering 2,048 simultaneous calls, while delivering adaptable connectivity alternatives to traditional PSTN networks as well as VoIP networks.
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Synway SMG3000-1BL/2BL Digital VoIP Media Gateway

Synway SMG3000-1BL/2BL Digital VoIP Media Gateway is a powerful and reliable device that provides advanced communication services and helps businesses to migrate from traditional telephony to VoIP networks. It is easy to install and configure, highly scalable, and packed with advanced features that help to improve productivity and streamline communication.
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Synway SMG3008 Digital VoIP Media Gateway

The Synway SMG3008 (SS7&SIP) Digital VoIP Media Gateway allows service providers and carriers to get the most out of their networks and services. These high-density SS7 VoIP gateways, which have been used by over 50 well-known carriers globally, can transform digital PSTN messages into SIP forms and connect/secure sessions across IP and mixed network boundaries to facilitate the smooth delivery of services. The Synway (SS7&SIP) are categorized into three categories, i.e. Synway SMG3008 (SS7&SIP) of 240 ports, Synway SMG3016 (SS7&SIP) of 480 ports, Synway SMG3064 (SS7&SIP) of 1920 ports.
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Grandstream GXW4500 Series Digital VoIP Gateway

Your ultimate solution for seamless communication integration. Experience crystal-clear voice quality and versatile connectivity options with this state-of-the-art gateway. Connect traditional analog devices to any modern IP network effortlessly. With advanced features and easy setup, streamline your communication system and elevate your business to new heights. Explore the Grandstream GXW4500 Series today for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
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Dinstar MTG3000 High Density Digital VoIP Gateway

The Dinstar MTG3000 High Density Digital VoIP Gateway offers a dependable and budget-friendly answer for enterprises and service providers aiming to link their digital telephone systems with IP-based networks. Its cutting-edge functionalities and seamless integration with popular VoIP platforms position it as the perfect selection for fulfilling high-capacity digital telephony connectivity requirements in business communications.
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