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A Softphone is a software application that allows users to make voice and video calls over the Internet using a computer or mobile device, instead of using traditional hardware telephones. It is commonly used in business settings, as they allow users to make and receive calls from their computers or mobile devices, without the need for additional hardware or telephone lines. Softphones can also be used for personal communications, particularly for long-distance calls, as they often offer lower rates than traditional phone services.

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Sangoma Mobile Softphone

Sangoma Mobile Phone Softphone With the Sangoma Connect Mobile app for iOS and Android, employees can work from anywhere.

Grandstream Wave Lite Softphone Application

Allow users to move around freely while still receiving calls from any business or residential SIP account. Wave Lite is a free softphone application that allows users to connect to their SIP accounts from any location on the planet. To increase mobility and stay connected to critical communications, use any AndroidTM or iOS device.

Matrix Varta WIN200 Softphone

Matrix introduces the Matrix Varta WIN200 Softphone - The UC Client, which redefines the communication experience with a wide range of collaboration features and an easy-to-use user interface. The Matrix Varta WIN200 Softphone offers simple call handling capabilities such as transfer, conference, hold, forward, and DND.

Matrix Varta ADR100/AMP100 Softphone

Matrix Varta ADR100/AMP100 Softphone - The UC Client, redefining communication experience with its variety of collaboration features and intuitive user interface, is now available. The Matrix Varta ADR100/AMP100 Softphone offers simple call handling capabilities such as transfer, conference, hold, forward, and DND.
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