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The Voice of Our Clients - Managed Communication Services

We invite you to read the testimonies listed below and hope that you will gain faith in our capacity to provide great managed communication services as a result of their experiences.

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  • The Managed Communication service by AcmaTel Communications helped us in connecting our different branch locations with their state-of-the-art telephone system. They also have a great support team that gives round-the-clock assistance which helps us a lot in our managing orders.

    -Ms Manali Jadhav
  • With our business growing at a rapid pace, we were struggling to keep our branch locations in constant touch. Then we found AcmaTel Communications, they have helped us set up our Managed Communication service. This provided us ease of communication between our 7 branches PAN India. We highly recommend AcmaTel Communications.

  • Data Transfer between our different branch locations has never been easier & secure thanks to the Managed Communication Service by AcmaTel Communications. This has helped us keep secure communication between our branches. Customer Support staff and IT consultants are well experienced and are always available and ready to help.

    -Mr Akash Chavan
  • It has benefitted our business a lot because we chose AcmaTel Communication. Our struggle of communication between branches has harmed our business and we lost money. With the Managed Communication Service, our branches are connected well and the risk of losing business has been none to zero.    

    -Mrs Falguni Patel
  • We depend a lot on communication between our multiple branches and with multiple vendors and it was stressful to manage these calls before AcmaTel Communications stepped in with their Managed Communication System. This has helped us a lot in managing our calls and give us the freedom to run our system smoothly with 24/7 support assistance.

    -Mr Rakesh Gupta
  • Communication is everything for our business. Our systems are complex and managing them internally is a headache for us. There is where AcmaTel stepped in and streamlined our process completely.

    -Mr. Sanjay Rathi
  • We were able to reduce the risk and complexity of managing our multiple vendors, only with the assistance and cooperation from AcmaTel. They completely take responsibility for the support and services needs

    --Mr.Jitendra Yadav
  • Our business requirements are complex and often involve multiple businesspeople. AcmaTel came up with relevant solutions to all our problems. They support and Handling our IT Compliances. I recommend this highly motivated team! Thanks for the support.

    -Mr. Suresh Singh
  • Privacy and Security were the big concern for us earlier, "But not now". Thanks to AcmaTel for coming up with various managed services to enhance the performance of our business operations.

    -Mr. Madhav Rathod

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