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Client's Speak - Heroic Support

At Heroic Support, we strive to provide the best customer service possible. Don't just take our word for it - read our customer testimonials to see how we've gone above and beyond for our clients.

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  • AcmaTel Communications Heroic IT support staff worked in close coordination with our own IT staff to help us set up our servers and firewalls swiftly. They seemed to have immense knowledge about the products. Thanks to Mr. Vipin and the staff.

    -Mr. Rahul Desai
  • Setting up our IT system was so swiftly finished before the time limit given to us by AcmaTel Communications, thanks to their heroic IT support service staff that provided us with 24*7 remote support.

    -Mr. Gaurav Arora
  • 24*7 support is very important for managing an IT system and AcmaTel communications Heroic Support service staff is all here for it. They are extremely helpful and work very effortlessly with close coordination with our IT support team.

    -Mr. Gurmeet Chadha
  • I was in desperate need of IT support with my company’s PCs and laptops and AcmaTel’s heroic IT support service staffs were at service within 3 hours and completed the task at the end of the day. I have never seen such skillful and swift workers. Thanks, AcmaTel communications, I highly recommend them.

    -Mr. Ajay Nagar
  • AcmaTel Communications provided us with their Heroic IT support service. Their IT staff are adept that is well versed with our hardware and software and also provided 24/7 remote support.

    -Mr. Subhash Deshpande

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