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Dinstar Audio Intercoms

Dinstar audio intercoms are designed to provide secure and reliable communication in various settings, such as apartments, gated communities, office buildings, and hospitals. Some of the key features of Dinstar audio intercoms include Two-way communication, Call forwarding, Integration with access control systems, Easy Installation, High- quality audio, and many more.

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Dinstar Dp81 Audio SIP Intercom

The DP81 is an audio SIP Intercom with an advanced audio system and echo cancellation. You can communicate with visitors at any time using the touch screen control pad.

Dinstar DP91-S Mini Audio SIP Intercom

The Dinstar DP91-S Mini Sound SIP Intercom stands out as a small yet flexible audio intercom specifically created to cater to various needs. With its array of innovative functionalities and customizable choices, it presents itself as a superb option for enterprises aiming to enhance their communication and access control capabilities.

Dinstar DP82 Dual Button SIP Audio Intercom

The Dinstar DP82 Dual Button SIP Audio Intercom serves as a cutting-edge communication tool facilitating seamless two-way audio interaction among individuals situated at distinct entry or access locations. Crafted to cater to diverse environments, including residential complexes, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and more, this device boasts unparalleled versatility.

Dinstar DP92 SG 4G SIP Audio Intercom

The Dinstar DP92 SG 4G SIP Audio Intercom is a reliable and secure solution for access control and communication systems. It features high-definition audio output and a robust case design, making it resistant to weather and tampering. This device can be remotely configured and managed via web interface, providing easy deployment and maintenance. With support for 4G LTE networks, this intercom ensures stable and high-speed data transmission, improving the user experience and reliability of the system.
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