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Audio Conferencing Devices

Acmatel Audio Conferencing uses technology like a conference bridge to hold an audio call. It differs from regular phone calls in that all participants dial into a central system that links them rather than phoning each other directly. Audio conferencing aims at achieving communication and cooperation at the same time.

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Yealink CP965 Audio Conference

The Yealink CP965 Audio Conference is a high-quality, feature-rich conference phone ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises. It has modern technology, high-quality audio, and a variety of features that improve collaboration and productivity.

Grandstream GAC2570 Conferencing Phone

The Grandstream GAC2570 Conference Phone is a premium audio conferencing solution meticulously crafted to meet the needs of businesses, regardless of their scale. With its elegant aesthetics and a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge functionalities, this conferencing phone stands out as the ultimate selection for both conference rooms and boardrooms.

Grandstream GAC2500 Voice Conferencing

The Grandstream GAC2500 Voice Conferencing system is a high-quality and comprehensive conference phone ideal for enterprises of all sizes. It is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, high-quality audio and video, and a variety of features that improve cooperation and efficiency.

Polycom Trio 8300 IP Conference Phone

The Polycom Trio 8300 IP Conference Phone stands as an impressive and adaptable conference phone explicitly crafted to cater to businesses, regardless of their scale. Its array of cutting-edge functionalities and advantages positions it as an optimal communication solution for contemporary work environments.

Yealink CP925 Wireless Communication

Yealink CP925 Wireless Communication is a powerful and flexible conference phone that offers advanced audio and call features, enhanced security, and flexible deployment options. Its wireless connectivity, large color display, and easy configuration and management make it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a reliable and feature-rich communication solution for their conference rooms and huddle spaces.

Yealink CP935W Wireless Communication

The Yealink CP935W represents a wireless conference phone of exceptional caliber, designed exclusively for small to medium-sized conference rooms. It exhibits a sophisticated and modern appearance, complemented by advanced features that guarantee flawless audio precision and seamless connectivity.
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