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Wired Headset

Wired headsets are becoming a staple in many workplaces, allowing professionals to communicate easily and without interruption. It offers superior sound quality over wireless headsets and comes with a variety of features including noise cancellation technology, wideband audio, echo control, and more. Just plug in the headset to your computer or device and you’re good to go! With a wired headset, you’ll never have to worry about battery life or connection issues again.

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Yealink UH36 UC USB Headset

The Yealink UH36 Mono Headset is a plug-and-play headset for professional communications in the office and on the road in the United Arab Emirates. The UH36-Mono is a wired USB headset with monaural audio that allows you to stay connected to your environment. The sound is crystal clear with HD Voice technology. Background distractions are reduced, and voice quality is improved, thanks to the wideband noise-canceling microphone.

Yealink YHS36 Mono Wired Headset

The Yealink YHS36 Mono is an over-the-head headset that delivers all-day comfort and a plug-and-play RJ9 connection for Yealink IP phones. With a bigger and softer leatherette ear cushion and a thicker headband than Yealink's YHS33/34 basic model headset, the YHS36 is designed to provide office workers and contact center personnel with the comfort they require.

Yealink UH33 SFB USB Mono Headset

The Yealink UH33 is an over-the-head monaural headset with a USB connector for computers and Yealink USB-supported IP Phones, as well as an optional 3.5mm socket for smart devices.

Yealink YHS33 USB Headset

The Yealink YHS33 is an over-the-head headset designed for office workers, SOHO workers, and call center employees. It is compatible with the entire Yealink enterprise IP phone line. It has a slim and stylish design with an elegant satin finish.

Yealink YHS32 Headset

TheYealink YHS32  Handset is a monaural earpiece with an RJ9 QD connection for Yealink IP Phones. The Yealink YHS32 Kerala is an over-the-head headset designed for SOHO, office workers, and call center personnel. It is compatible with all Yealink enterprise IP phones.

Yealink YHS34 Lite Headset

The Yealink YHS34/YHS34 Lite is an over-the-head headset designed for office workers, SOHO workers, and contact center employees. It offers the QD (Quick Disconnect) function and is compatible with Yealink's whole business IP phone line.

Yealink UH34 Lite USB Headset

The UH34 Lite headset is a lightweight corded headset with passive noise suppression that is easy to use. It features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use for extended phone conversations and workdays.
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