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Client's Speak on Ultra Lola

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  • As a financial institution, we perform lots of communication and interaction with the customers every second. Ultra LOLA's point-to-point network allows us to transmit information with a great level of security and speed.

    -Mr. Atul Ramji
  • We are extremely delighted with the ultra-high-speed internet leased line which allowed us a smooth and uniform two-way channel connectivity between our agency and the stock exchange.

    -Mr. Roshan Dalal
  • With Ultra-LOLA Internet leased line's incredibly low latency high-speed network, our crucial data center can run at a high speed which is humanly impossible.

    -Mr. Ashish Singhanoor
  • Ultra LOLA helped us to connect and manage our international stockbroking business with low latency. Helping us keep track of every millisecond transaction.

    -Mr. Ritesh Shaheri
  • I am pleased to recommend the Ultra-Low Latency Internet leased line service provided by AcmaTel. As we are stockbrokers who require super-fast connectivity and this Ultra-LOLA super-speed bandwidth suffices our requirements.


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