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Testimonials - School Bus Tracking Software

Read testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers on our testimonial page and learn how our software has improved their transportation management.

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  • When I realized that several schools started adopting school bus tracking software to streamline their process, and keeping track of all of their buses' condition, fuel level, route map, overspeeding, etc. Once I checked everything I felt this system is a must for our school as well and so without any delay installed with AcmaTel's school bus tracking system.  

    -Mr. Venkatesh Vandaluri
  • The first school bus tracking system we bought 6 months ago, and still going strong. The drivers were a little worried at first. But now they have understood the benefits of this system.

    -Ms. Reena Maheshwari
  • Last year, our school management decided to have a GPS tracking system to be fitted in our school buses. We ordered the School bus tracking system from AcmaTel and now, we don’t have to worry about the safety of our students! The experience has been great so far. I recommend this solution for every school.  

    -Mr. Sohel Shaikh
  • AcmaTel's School Bus tracking system very simple and easy to use keeps the drivers on the right route, updates on traffic, and has helped us to reduce fuel expenses also.  

    -Mr. Aditya Rao
  • We have installed the latest school bus tracking system just a couple of months back, all thanks to AcmaTel's School Bus tracking system. As a school's administrative member I was initially confused about what they did. But now I am suggesting this solution to other school's management as well.

    -Mr. Virender Kaul

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