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Acmatel is one of the leading platform of VoIP solutions across the globe.

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  • AcmaTel’s integrated communication platforms have revolutionized how our teams communicate. The seamless integration across email, chat, and video conferencing has enhanced our productivity and collaboration.

    -Mrs. Madhu Pillai
  • AcmaTel's content analytics tools have given us valuable insights into our readers' preferences. We can now tailor our content strategy to better meet their needs, leading to increased reader satisfaction and loyalty.

    -Mrs. Lata Agarwal
  •   The self-service portals developed by AcmaTel have empowered our readers to manage their subscriptions and access our content effortlessly. This has significantly reduced our customer support workload.

    -Mr. Kiran Thakur
  • With AcmaTel's reliable infrastructure, we have achieved uninterrupted content delivery across all our platforms. Our team can focus on creating quality content without worrying about technical issues.

    -Mrs. Kavita Kulkarni
  • The digital content platform provided by AcmaTel has enabled us to seamlessly transition to an online-first model. Our readers love the interactive and user-friendly interface, and our engagement metrics have skyrocketed.

    -Mr. Jatin Shah
  • AcmaTel's real-time content delivery system has transformed our newsroom operations. We can now deliver breaking news to our audience faster than ever, ensuring we stay ahead of the competition.

    -Mrs. Indira Nair

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