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Manufacturing Industry

Acmatel is one of the leading platform of VoIP solutions across the globe.

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  • Thanks to AcmaTel’s real-time monitoring software, we can now monitor our production processes in real-time and receive instant notifications about any issues or delays. This level of visibility has allowed us to make data-driven decisions and improve our overall efficiency.

    -Mr. Yash Gupta
  • AcmaTel’s workforce management software has been a game-changer for our manufacturing plant. It has helped us optimize staffing levels, track employee productivity, and ensure compliance with labor regulations, resulting in a more productive & engaged workforce.

    -Mr. Vishal Desai
  • The order tracking systems provided by AcmaTel have significantly improved our order fulfillment process. We now have full visibility into the status of each order, allowing us to meet customer expectations and deliver on time, every time.

    -Mr. Vinod Reddy
  • AcmaTel’s asset tracking systems have been instrumental in helping us monitor and manage our equipment effectively. With real-time tracking, we can ensure that our assets are utilized efficiently and maintained properly, minimizing downtime.

    -Mr. Vinay Sharma
  • We've been using AcmaTel’s production management software for over a year now, and it has transformed the way we manage our production lines. The real-time insights and analytics have helped us identify bottlenecks and optimize our manufacturing processes for increased efficiency.

    -Mr. Vikram Chauhan
  • AcmaTel’s supply chain integration solutions have streamlined our manufacturing processes and improved our supply chain visibility. It has allowed us to respond quickly to changes in demand and optimize our inventory management.

    -Mrs. Veena Nair

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