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IT & Consulting Industry

Acmatel is one of the leading platform of VoIP solutions across the globe.

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  • AcmaTel's collaboration platforms have enhanced teamwork and productivity within our consulting teams. With features like document sharing and real-time messaging, our consultants can collaborate effectively regardless of their location, leading to better project outcomes.

    -Mr. Aditya Rathi
  • We entrust AcmaTel with our cybersecurity needs, and they consistently deliver robust solutions that protect our IT infrastructure from cyber threats. Their proactive approach to security has given us peace of mind and enabled us to focus on driving business growth.

    -Mrs. Aditi Kapoor
  • Implementing AcmaTel's client portals has significantly improved our client communication and collaboration. Our clients now have easy access to project updates, documents, and support resources, leading to greater transparency and trust in our consulting services.

    -Mr. Abhinav Menon
  • AcmaTel's time tracking systems have helped us accurately monitor billable hours and resource utilization in our IT projects. This level of visibility has not only improved our project profitability but also optimized resource allocation for better project outcomes.

    -Mrs. Aarohi Saxena
  • Integrating our CRM with AcmaTel's solutions has been a game-changer for our consulting business. It has allowed us to centralize client data, streamline communication, and provide personalized service, ultimately enhancing client satisfaction and retention.

    -Mrs. Zoya Khan
  • AcmaTel's project management software has revolutionized how we handle projects in our consulting firm. With features like task tracking and collaboration tools, it has made project planning and execution seamless and efficient.

    -Mr. Yogesh Nair

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