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Testimonials - Internet Leased Line

Our Internet leased lines have helped businesses achieve their goals. Browse through our testimonials to learn how our internet leased lines can benefit your business too.

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  • Our Account Manager, Nisha, has been excellent. When there was a delay with the handover of our new Leased Line, on the day we moved to our new office, she was on the case straight away. She managed to get BTS to hand over the line within the same day and it's now set to be brought live to suit our IT Infrastructure. Very impressed with the timely response.

    -Ms. Varsha Tripathi
  • With this dedicated Leased Line, the bandwidth my business requires has been given to us, and only we have access to it, this dedicated connection doesn't hamper by peak times throughout the day.

    -Mr. Varun Shetty
  • The biggest advantage we had with this leased line is a dedicated, and fixed-bandwidth data connection. It allows our businesses to have a reliable, high-quality internet connection with a guarantee of symmetric upload and download speed.

    -Mr. Dakshit Nautiyal
  • Bandwidth connection speed is very high, it is efficiently contributing to my business, there’s no match for this Leased Line provider.

    -Mr. Akash Chaturvedi
  • Got a new 20mbps ILL connection from this Leased Line provider for my consultancy start-up goes with less formality and with reasonable pricing. I recommend their services to every business holder.

    -Mr. Bob Joseph

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