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Health Care Industry

Acmatel is one of the leading platform of VoIP solutions across the globe.

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  • AcmaTel's wellness program management solutions have been instrumental in promoting employee health and well-being within our healthcare organization. The comprehensive platform allows us to design, implement, and track wellness initiatives effectively. It has fostered a culture of health and productivity among our staff.

    -Mrs. Anjali Verma
  • Since implementing AcmaTel's workflow management software, our clinic has experienced improved efficiency and organization across all departments. The customizable workflows and task automation features have streamlined our processes, reducing administrative burden and allowing us to focus more on patient care.

    -Mrs. Anita Mehra
  • AcmaTel's remote monitoring software have empowered us to provide proactive and personalized care to our patients, especially those with chronic conditions. The ability to remotely track vital signs and health metrics allows for early intervention and better disease management.

    -Mr. Aniket Yadav
  • AcmaTel's patient communication tools have transformed how we engage with our patients. The secure messaging platform allows for quick and convenient communication, whether it's sharing test results or answering patient inquiries. It has strengthened our patient-provider relationships and improved overall care coordination.

    -Mr. Alok Patel
  • We've seen a significant improvement in our appointment scheduling Software since implementing AcmaTel's software. Patients can now easily book appointments online, reducing wait times and improving overall patient satisfaction. The automated reminders also help reduce no-show rates, ensuring our schedule stays on track.

    -Mrs. Akriti Sinha
  • AcmaTel's telemedicine platforms have been a game-changer for our healthcare practice. They've enabled us to reach patients remotely, providing timely consultations and care, especially during the pandemic. The intuitive interface and reliable connection have made virtual visits seamless and efficient.

    -Mr. Ajay Bhatt

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