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Testimonials - Configuration Services

The Configuration Services Testimonial page allows you to hear from real customers who have used our Configuration Services.

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  • This commendation is to show appreciation to AcmaTel Communications, as they helped us with configuring our PCs and Servers. Their IT configuration experts worked in such a way that there was little to no disruption to anyone in the office, and they finished the work before the given time. We highly recommend AcmaTel Communications.

    -Mrs. Amrin Shaikh
  • IT Configuration is very important to keep the system up and running without any problems, AcmaTel Communications helped us in doing exactly that. Their Configuration specialists are well versed and experts with years of experience, who worked in configuring both our hardware as well as software systems.

    -Ms. Rashi Patel
  • AcmaTel Communications provide us with the best IT Configuration service as we needed our servers and firewall configured. They worked swiftly to make sure our other staff members did not get disturbed which we very much appreciated.

    -Mr. Chandan Tiwari
  • It has been great working alongside AcmaTel Communication for our IT system configuration. Their support team worked with skillfulness and guided us with every small detail that we asked them. We recommend AcmaTel Communications for your IT configuration service.

    -Ms. Sakshi Patel
  • I genuinely appreciate your team going out of their way to ensure our project was successful. Everyone has been above reproach, and I sincerely appreciate the level of professionalism and outstanding customer service.

    -Sandra Punjabi
  • I am writing   to compliment Mr. Vipin and his team for an outstanding job installing Server and Firewall systems in our new Bandra office. He spent his precious time answering all our queries and making sure we did not have any concerns left unanswered. Thanks for a great job.

    -Mr. Anand Khushalani
  • Acmatel's support and configuration team were swift and proficient, with little disruption to our workflow. They did the job well and work great."

    -- Mr.shrikant Jala
  • Vipin, I am very pleased with the way your team has communicated with me during the whole training and configuration process. your whole team was professional and friendly during the whole process. much appreciated. Thank you again for everything."

    -Ms. Priyanka Shah
  • I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the team that AcmaTel sent us to configure our new firewall. Sahil seemed to have a lot of experience with this configuration. I praise his depth of knowledge and the way he worked with his team.

    -Mr. Rohit Maurya
  • IVR system is very useful , we are using the same for our company and we feel no issues at all .

    -Rakesh Dubey

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