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Smart flo

Smart Flo is a multi-functional & ultra-flexible cloud-based communication suite that is future-ready and designed with state-of-the-art technology.

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SmartFlo is an ultra-flexible cloud communication solution for a business world without boundaries. Smart, multi-functional, multi-modal, flexible, scalable, safe, and secure. and a reliable suite of cloud-based communication solutions. It is a highly developed Smartflo of digital connectivity, and productivity. and business intelligence.

Smartflo is a marketing automation platform that offers a range of features designed to help businesses streamline their marketing efforts and enhance their customer engagement. Smartflo‘s features include email marketingSMS Marketingsocial media marketinglead generationlead scoring, multi-channel marketing automation, advanced call routing, multi-level IVR, click-to-call, missed call solutions, analytics and reporting, and more.

Businesses are constantly renovating their operating and working models using advanced technology at the core. Businesses and customers are engaging in multiple activities via multiple devices on a day-to-day business cycle. Devices and processes through which interactions occur are no longer straight in multiple devices and channels. Connectivity with the business environment is assumed to be 24/7 x 365.

With Smartflo, businesses can access all their data and applications from a single location, which makes it easier to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure. This also means that employees can access the information they need from anywhere and on any device, which increases productivity and efficiency. Smartflo cloud services also offer a range of automation tools that can help businesses streamline their processes and reduce the time and effort required to complete tasks. For example, Smartflo can automate tasks such as data entry, report generation, and invoice processing, which frees up employees to focus on more strategic tasks.



Anytime, Anywhere Communication

Frees your employees from their desks and lets them communicate over the Internet anywhere and anytime


Enhanced Customer Experience

With faster, smoother. and streamlined call flows, you can provide a seamless, frictionless customer experience. and watch your productivity soar


Reduce Operational and Capital Costs

No bulky infrastructure and storage, just the cloud and your phone.


Get Business Intelligence

Get detailed reports to track employee/project progress and take advantage of insights for enhancing business outcomes.


On-demand scalability

Our solution allows on-demand adaptability which allows you to adapt quickly and efficiently to changing business conditions.


Enterprise-Grade Security & Reliability

Decide whom to grant access to with a completely customizable admin portal. Choose from IP restrictions, OTP verification, Multifactor authentication and implement all of them, anytime.


Plan Features

Smart flo Hosted Call Connect

Smart flo Hosted Multi-level IVR

Smart flo Hosted Contact Centre

Call patching
UI Basic reports available Customised reports with email integration Customised reports with email integration
Encrypted communication 128 Bit Security 128 Bit Security 128 Bit Security
Automatic Call Distributor (’ACD’)
CTI pop-ups
Client number masking for agents
Security level for hosted customer data Data hosted in private cloud with ISO 27001 Certificate Data hosted in private cloud with ISO 27001 Certificate Data hosted in private cloud with ISO 27001 Certificate
Standard IVR
Multi-level IVR
SMS integration
API integration
Dual authentication for agent(login credentials and OTP)
Allowing customized access to portal
Scheduled email report with customized fields
Agent status toggle -busy/idle/break/out of oce
Calling list-filters/de-duplication/scrubbing
Call barging and whispering
Sticky agent
Text-to-speech (’TTS’)



Hosted Contact Centre

Complete Call Center Operations Management

  • Outbound and Inbound, progressive and preview dialing
  • Built-in CRM integrations for a smooth and seamless experience
  • Sentiment analysis and cloud-powered analytics

Outbound Marketing Solutions

Integrated Marketing platform for all Outbound Campaigns

  • Voicemail summarization supported by text to speech personalized messages
  • Personalized campaign flow which can be added back into IVR flows
  • Out Bound Dailer prompts with DTMF inputs that can be combined with API integration to dip into any database

Hosted Call Connect

Complete virtual PBX environment

  • Outbound and inbound calling with call patching
  • User management with role based access
  • API and webhook, detailed call logs. and call management dashboard

Multi-level IVR

Outbound and Inbound Call Management suite with customized routing functions

  • Sticky agent coupled with barging/whispering/transfer
  • Can use the same pilot number for both inbound and outbound calls
  • API and webhooks integration with number hiding for safe and secure interactions

Missed Call Solutions

Never miss a call from your customers

  • Bespoke IVRs for missed calls
  • Automated callbacks and scheduled SMS
  • Integrated email reports

Click2Call Services

Integrated process of single click based communication for direct end customers

  • Website and panel integration which can feed into the IVR flow
  • OTP based verification and calling solution for agent call connecting
  • Number hiding for customer privacy at all ends

Got Questions?

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One dashboard, countless possibilities:- Take call notes, monitor live calls, track team progress, access deep data insights, and much more with the comprehensive dashboard.

Intelligent Call Flows for Agents:- Select a ring strategy that meets your requirements. Send calls to the best-suited agents or ring all agents at the same time with parallel ringing for quick query resolution.

Intelligent Customer Call Routing:- Don’t be concerned about off-hours, time zones, or gazette holidays. To keep your clients informed, route calls to available agents, reception, or play a pre-recorded message.

Agent Monitoring:- With detailed analytics from the live dashboard, you can see when your agents are engaged, track calls to check team productivity, reduce call ring time, and do more.

Privacy and Security:- Utilize our restful API to provide features such as click-to-call. Alternatively, you can use number masking to conceal the contact information of one or both agents and clients.

No Crank Calls:- Reduce incoming call volume by limiting calls from bots, bothersome vendors, or spam callers. Using our simple portal, you can add numbers to the blacklist in real time.

Contact Management:- Integrate with CRMs to easily check lead status, create easily accessible contact profiles, select which caller ID to display, and improve customer retention.

Sticky Agent:- For quick query resolution, route customers to agents with whom they already have a rapport or to agents who are familiar with their transaction history.

Intelligent Assistant:- Encourage customers to self-serve for simple questions, or use an IVR to quickly route them to the appropriate department based on dial pad inputs. Simple tasks can be easily automated.​

Yes, the platform enables incoming and outgoing calls to be enabled on the same pilot number

No, our IVR flow is completely customizable as per the customer’s requirement

There will be multiple types of access modes like browser extensions, app login, or mobile numbers configured for the portal



  • We are using numerous Smartflo user channels with which we do some pretty complicated tasks on daily basis. It frees my employees from their desks and helps them communicate over the internet from anywhere.

    -Ms. Garima Das
  • We gave a try to AcmatTel's Smartflo Solution and noticed our call connectivity has been increased. Built-in CRM integrations helped us to capture and view the data. It has a decent price and got all the stuff expected from a good host. Highly recommend – especially for cloud-based Tele-callings.

    -Mr. Akshay Shelke

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