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Case study - Video conferencing Software

A Delhi-based educational institution adopted our video conferencing solution to connect their students and resume their e-learning classes - September 2020 | Case Study

The Challenge

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    Challanges Faced

    In the wake of the pandemic, this school has been closed and the classes have been suspended completely by the government order. The school was completely unprepared for this kind of situation in the initial stage as their staff and the students were not in touch with each other, and this is highly impacting the career of students as the school's education system is dominated by classroom learning.

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    Required Solution

    To tackle this situation the school needs a platform where the students can connect to their teachers and have the live lectures to be conducted over the online platform. where the teacher can take attendance, mark students' presence, deliver the live lecture, allow them to communicate with each other, get their views, clear their doubts, and get instant answers to identify their learning capabilities.

The Solution

The future of learning lies in video conferencing and it’s perfect for schools

We have offered them our Audio-Video Conferencing Solution to tackle this issue.

Video conferencing is ideal for the classroom because technology allows teachers to include the rest of the world into their lessons, resulting in more engaging, interconnected learning experiences. The more we communicate via video conferencing and online chatting, the more online learning networks we create. Students get connected and start to cooperate with each other using these solutions, teachers will also develop collaborations and be able to share resources.

When it comes to video conferencing technology, the education industry has profited from new technology, lower prices, better time management, and more cooperation between students and teachers, all while taking learning outside of the classroom.


Benefits of Video Conferencing Solution

  • Pan-India connectivity with a secure setup
  • Time-saving benefits to staff and teachers
  • Seamless access in any rural or urban areas
  • Live video and pre-recorded clips can be used
  • Video conferencing means freedom and flexibility
  • High customer satisfaction with a robust support team
  • Create a group project and get them to video conference
  • Group breakout sessions during an online class or lecture
  • Parent-teacher meetings and conferences can be done online
  • Teacher meetings can be recorded and made available to staff
  • Deliver a more personalized learning experience for the students
  • Reducing the time needed to move children to and from school halls
  • Video conferencing lets schools connect with classrooms all over the world
  • Video conferencing opens up the learning floodgates making it more collaborative
  • Establish a virtual review session where students can log in and ask for help with ongoing work

The Results

  • 100%

    Increase in Attendence
  • 70%

    Increase in Live Learnings
  • 35%

    Boost in Engagement
  • 50%

    Decrease in Overall Cost
  • 36%

    Clear Understandings
  • 67%

    Increase in Collaboration

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