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Case study - Toll-Free Number Services

An NBFC company adopts our toll-free number services to encounter their high incoming call flow. Read how they did it now! - October 2020 | Case Study.

The Challenge

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    High Call Flow

    The NBFC had seventy-two Landline numbers for its inbound contact center. Its team of 350 agents managed and handled call volumes of two to three lakh calls per month. High incoming call flow on different numbers provided by the company made the whole system slow and unproductive. Most of the calls are being Abandoned as the inefficient and manual call routing system was being used. As there is a lack of modern technology employees and customers are both suffering.

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    High Abandonment

    When the pandemic forced 70% of the company's personnel to work from home, executives were obliged to connect consumers using their personal cellphones, lowering the quality of operations. To address work-from-home issues and to counter the call abandonment issue, the organization needed a simplified routing-based functionality for their agents to receive calls from any digital devices and to track the number of calls made each day and record them for future reference

The Solution

Provided the Toll-Free Number

We have Provided a Toll-Free with 11 digits 1800 xxx xxxx virtual number that comes with multi-level IVR and other various useful features such as call recording, call monitoring, and analytics.

These features helped them to get comprehensive business insights for better decision-making. Now they can enable customers to instantly connect with their support agents to get their issues resolved, which, as a result, improves engagement and customer satisfaction rates.

Switching from a traditional number to a toll-free number helped them reach out to larger audiences and get more potential customers, and Using toll-free they also elevated their brand image, saved costs, and provided high-end satisfaction to the customers.


Benefits of Toll-Free

  • A toll-free number allows a company to interact with its clients immediately, and it allows them to build their relationships by constantly being available. They can collect critical consumer feedback, improve product and service offerings based on that feedback, and improve company outcomes.
  • It helps business organize their offerings according to their preferences by providing call analysis reports and data. It also includes routing settings and localization options, allowing for more effective contact with the target audience. Businesses can improve the quality of their service by enabling call routing depending on language, geography, client type, and other factors.
  • Provides instant call access to customers across any location
  • Offers flexible subscription options from any post-paid virtual services
  • Allows businesses to manage their routing preferences at any time and anywhere
  • Get Increased customer satisfaction by ensuring your business is always reachable
  • Get complete access to relevant data and call analysis reports to enhance your service delivery
  • Enables real-time call routing through a user-friendly interactive web interface, detailed reports.

The Results

  • 300%

    Increase in Call Flow
  • 50%

    Smooth Call Access
  • 75%

    Easy in routing Calls
  • 100%

    Increase in Satisfaction
  • 25%

    Easy Access to Data
  • 45%

    Decrease in Call Drops

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