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Case study - Internet Leased Line

A Mumbai-Based Media Company Adopts Our Internet Leased Line Connection To Eliminate Their Internet Connectivity Issues. Read how - August 2019 | Case Study.

The Challenge

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    Challanges Faced

    As a media company, seamless connectivity is an integral part of the customer’s day-to-day operation, but ever since they started their media house, they were facing issues with poor internet connectivity and its downtime with their existing business broadband connection which works on a 1:7 ratio bandwidth. More often their connectivity goes down many times in a day making them unable to browse, upload or download the content.

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    Required Solution

    Due to this unreliable and poor Internet connection, they are Losing revenue and productivity. So the customer wants us to offer them a better solution where they can have a guaranteed highly reliable, sustainable, stabilized, high speed, and secured business Internet connectivity suitable for all kinds of data access including voice, video, email, chat, FTP with an assured SLA on the connectivity and down time part.

The Solution

Offered our secured Internet Leased Line Connection

The high-performing, 99% SLA-backed, Internet Leased Line (ILL) is the best option for this business. As it ensures a fast and reliable connection by minimizing downtime and reducing possible disruptions.

We have offered them the secured Internet Leased Line Connection with security, reliability, and scalability, that effectively complement the need for critical communications and connectivity.

The services we offered are dedicated according to their needs, consumption, and their usage of bandwidth.


Benefits of Internet Leased Line

  • Businesses get multiple bandwidth options
  • ILL Offers a pool of unlimited data usage plans
  • User-friendly web interface to manage and monitor performance
  • Allow your businesses to add services like audio, video, chat, browsing, voice over IP, etc
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) backed connection to assure the quality of service is maintained
  • Comprises with enhanced security features through bundled Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Offers proactive monitoring, configuration management, ring protection, and end-to-end management
  • The unique identity-based solutions authenticate a user by username, MAC ID, IP address, and session ID.
  • Evaluates link-up time and traffic, policy management, device health, trouble ticket and helps manage the connections
  • Get strong protection against user-targeted attacks and are offered to the customers over and above the core services of ILL

The Results

  • 200%

    High-speed Connectivity
  • 150%

    Carrier-grade Connectivity
  • 100%

    Remote-work Compatible
  • 100%

    User-friendly Interface
  • 100%

    Unlimited Data
  • 200%

    Scalable Infrastructure

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