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Case study - PRI solutions

A pharmaceutical company adopted our PRI solutions to get secure, and cost-effective telecommunication with the help of ISDN - April 2018 | Case Study

The Challenge

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    Day to day Challenges

    A pharmaceutical company in Mumbai was facing a lot of challenges in their whole chain of sales, supply, marketing, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and support departments. One of the major roadblocks in manufacturing, packaging, and logistics was the absence of real-time communication between the employees of different internal and external departments. as many times they were unable to communicate with their co-employee, supervisor, manager, or with the higher management for any kind of queries and updates. Callback dates, To make a direct call to a certain person with their company was a time-taking process with their current analog phone system.

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    Required Solution

    Due to the manual and lengthy number dialing system, they were facing issues on daily basis. even contacting or asking for a callback was time-consuming and non so easy for them as there was no direct number to call a communicate with a particular person on his desk instead they were forced to talk to an operator to connect them or arrange a call from them. Because of all this, they needed a telephone connection that can allow them to make any call to any number whether an internal or an external call to be made easily. They also needed a solution that should be scalable and cost-effective with minimal cost of wiring, cables, and other hardware infrastructure.

Our Proposed Solution

Offered Our Modern PRI Connection

The Deployment of a New PRI Connection Demanded Particular Expertise

Needed a budget-friendly solution that would not require any additional hardware infrastructure

Looking for a solution to be reliable for 24*7 telephonic communication operations with future-ready in terms of its scalability

The customer is also expecting a seamless upgrade of our communication channels without disintegrating the existing infrastructure

As per their requirements, we have deployed our modern PRI solution with 64-bit super voice clarity, unlimited calling options for cost savings, and infrastructure resilience as per the priorities of the organization.

Our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service was the most relevant solution in this case.


Benefits of PRI Solution

  • Improve efficiency and provide a better experience
  • Ensure greater voice clarity than analog trunk lines
  • Our latest technology results in efficiencies and savings
  • Get up to 100 DID numbers for a PRI connection of 30 voice channels
  • Use multiple PRI lines on different channels for different functions
  • Eliminate underutilization of resources and unequal call distribution
  • Use your existing business numbers no matter where your business moves
  • Furthermore, you will just have to pay one consolidated bill for a PRI line
  • Subscribing to a PRI line will always be less expensive than analog lines
  • PRI is difficult to tap and listen to, providing greater protection and privacy
  • Pay a single consolidated monthly rental, instead of thirty channel charges
  • PRI lines take lesser time to establish and connect calls than analog lines

The Results

  • 100%

    Assured Call Connectivity
  • 120%

    Decrease in Call Drops
  • 200%

    Scalable Infrastructure
  • 101%

    Decrease in Cracked Call
  • 99.5%

    Carrier-grade Connectivity
  • 99.9%

    Assured Call Privacy

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Enhance your communication with PRI Solutions.

Our PRI solutions will help you improve the dependability and scalability of your telecommunications infrastructure.

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