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A Marketing company adopted our IVR solutions to promote their products and services

July 2019 | Case Study

The Challenge

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    Day to day Challenges

    A baby products manufacturing company in Navi Mumbai was facing a lot of challenges in managing their sales, promotions, marketing, and support departments to communicate with their potential customers. One of the major issues was the absence of real-time communication between the employees and their consumers. as many times they were unable to connect and communicate with their potential customers. and most of the times customers face a lot of problems in connecting the sales, marketing, help, and support departments. understanding the right scenario of customers and connecting them to the right department and the right person is a long time-taking process for them currently.

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    Required Solution

    Due to the manual and lengthy call waiting and inefficient call transferring system for their business incoming calls, many of the customers are being dissatisfied with the company. First of all the clients and customers were kept on a long hold and once any line is available then the call gets transferred to any of the random department person making the person answer the call. then that person transfers the call to a certain department. Connecting to a relevant department directly is nearly impossible for the customers. Because of this, the company needs a robust solution that can handle all of their concerns and help them satisfy and boost their business growth and increase product sales.

Our Proposed Solution

Offered Our Modern IVR Solution

The Deployment of a New IVR Solution Demanded Particular Expertise

Asked for a budget-friendly solution that would not require any additional hardware infrastructure

Needed a reliable solution for 24*7 telephonic communication operations with future-ready in terms of its scalability

The customer is also expecting a seamless upgrade of the solution without disintegrating the existing infrastructure

As per their requirements, we have deployed our modern IVR Solution with a multi-level IVR facility, unlimited receiving options, cost savings infrastructure, multi-language support technology, easy to record and play option, customized greeting options, multi-layer IVR prompt selection options for the organization.

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) deployment was the most relevant solution deployment in this case.


Benefits of IVR Solution

  • An automated phone system that functions as an auto-receptionist
  • Utilize the data obtained from the recordings to train new employees
  • Get complete access to call recordings in real-time from any location
  • Create customized audio messages and replies for your business IVR menu
  • Record your calls while utilizing IVR, from any location and at any time
  • Eliminate the need of employees/agents to deal with routine queries
  • Allow IVR system to conduct automatic interactions with your customers
  • Provide information to customers without the need to wait for an agent
  • Enable yourself to serve your consumers without the telephone operators
  • Promote your products without the need of any actual agent/employee
  • Increase customer satisfaction by connecting a live interaction with agents
  • IVR is a cost-effective method of directing calls to the right recipient

The Results

  • 300%

    Increase in Business
  • 250%

    Client Satisfaction
  • 100%

    Remote-work Compatible
  • 200%

    Scalable Infrastructure
  • 100%

    User-friendly Interface
  • 400%

    More Budget-friendly

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