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Case study - IP PBX Solution

A Pune-based health and fitness institute adopted our IP-PBX Solution to resolve their personalized customer communication by integrating a new CRM tool.

The Challenge

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    Business Challanges

    The organization is facing many challenges in Transferring calls between agents and adding supervisors on a conference call was a key challenge. Furthermore, the customer desired to link their contact center infrastructure with their existing CRM. This was necessary in order to allow click-to-call functionality and to have all call logs logged in the CRM program. The customer also needed to track agent break times, average call handling times, and total logged-in hours in order to assess their productivity. It was critical for supervisors to have access to call logs in order to evaluate performance.

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    Lack of Architecture

    The whole architecture of this company lacked a platform for routing calls to available agents and monitoring those who were already dealing with customers. The issue with any legacy contact center arrangement is that it is reliant on a number of technologies, including a variety of equipment and hard-wired connections. It's challenging to keep the cluster running and scale it to meet changing customer demands. Such difficulties drive the necessity for a cloud-based CRM solution: it enables improved service delivery in a digital age where people and data are widely dispersed.

The Solution

Offered Cloud based IP-PBX with a custom CRM Integrations

Our Cloud-based IP-PBX with a custom CRM Integration became a huge success in workforce management simple and efficient as the company could centrally and randomly route calls to available agents.

The department routing the calls also maintained a waiting queue. While deploying Cloud CRM, our team ensured that it integrated well with the company’s software. This helped to resolve the issue of toggling between tools.

Agents could now manage their leads and contacts, preserve client data, access transaction information and interactions with the company, and send follow-up reminders using a single platform. It also made escalating complaints to managers easier.


Benefits of IP-PBX integrated with a CRM

  • Call logs recorded within the CRM software
  • Consistent monitoring of agent’s performance
  • Assured data privacy for agents and customers
  • Real-time updates, notifications, and transfers
  • Adding supervisors & managers on a conference call
  • Inbound and outbound call on a single pilot number
  • Efficient and first-call resolution of customer’s concerns
  • Updating of leads in real-time with comprehensive call records
  • Enhanced agent productivity with quick access to customer details
  • Effective routing of calls to avoid excessive idle time and stress for other agents

The Results

  • 170%

    Increase in Agent’s Performance
  • 75%

    Increase in Real-time Updates & Notifications
  • 55%

    Increase in First-Call Resolutions
  • 25%

    Decrease in Call Drops
  • 100%

    Increase in data privacy
  • 35%

    Decrease in Cost

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