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Case Study - CAMS Debt Collection Software

A loan recovery agency adopted our CAMS Debt Collection software to simplify their loan recovery process. Read how they did it! June 2018 | Case Study.

The Challenge

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    Day to day Challenges

    A loan recovery agency in Indore was facing a lot of challenges in their whole recovery process. One of the major roadblocks in the process of debt recovery for them is the absence of real-time communication between the customer and the collection agency employees. as many times they were unable to keep track of the payment cycle, Callback dates, Rescheduling the cases, Allocating the PTP's to field executives and arranging followup calls as per the customer needs was a big challenge they were facing.

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    Required Solution

    Due to the manual and excel based process, they were facing issues on daily basis. even tracking a callback and making a manual call was a time-consuming process for them. They needed an Autodialer that can make calls automatically as per the uploaded allocations and save all the information in the disposition form for their agent's reference. They also needed an integrated CRM which could work on a real-time basis in transferring bank allocations, followups, Remainders, agent generating PTP's to the field collectors.

The Solution

Offered CAMS solution to overcome from their issues

As per the Agency’s needs, we came up with a robust solution that can ease their process with less human interference, which is simple, easy, and automatic.

Our proposed CAMS software with an integrated Auto/Predictive dialer, which can seamlessly work according to their daily bank allocations has been installed and configured with the basic training to understand the workflow. They got a solution that automatically dials the calls and hands them over to their agents only when it is connected and helps them maintain a follow-up and callback data with a pop-up appearing at the right scheduled time and even an option to allocate PTP’s to the field person, solving their issues completely.


Benefits of CAMS Solution

  • Spot the Best Time to Call your customers
  • Facilitate Real-Time Performance Monitoring
  • Manage Multiple loan Portfolio Campaigns at a time
  • Ensure Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Compliance
  • Reduce the number of outbound agents needed per shift
  • Bypass Busy Signals, Outdated Numbers, and Dropped Calls
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with your customers
  • Ensure that the right calls are routed to the right agents at the right time
  • CAMS software helps you centralize, optimize and streamline your communications
  • The better agents know your customers, the stronger their relationships will be with them
  • Know the number of agents you need, and the time it will take them to complete a loan campaign
  • Drastically reduce the likelihood of agents wasting their time on bad numbers or answering machines
  • Already be dialing the next number to assign to the next available agent—before they even disconnect from the previous call

The Results

  • 400%

    Increase in Connected Calls
  • 30%

    Decrease in Dropped Calls
  • 120%

    Increase in PTP Management
  • 70%

    Increase in Followup Calls
  • 100%

    Bank Audit Friendly
  • 200%

    Efficient in Tracking Feild Agents

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