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Case study - Call Center Solution

One of India's biggest FMCG companies adopted our call center solution to simplify their customer communication. Read how! - November 2017 | Case Study.

Challenges Faced

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    Outdated Tele Calling System

    Since this company started the Tele calling process, their whole Tele calling team had been manually calling the customers to schedule service slots for the company’s products. With the absence of a centralized calling system, none of the employees was on the same page, they were doing all their calls through individual PSTN lines and that is ending up with the information and details on their desk itself, there was no option to share that data with their supervisor or manager, there was no automatic follow up system to remind them about their callback calls, follow up calls and their pending confirmation calls.

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    Inefficient Database System

    In the absence of a centralized database system, employees were struggling to access and maintain data, they were doing their tasks manually on excel and spreadsheets, making the whole process slow and inefficient. Sometimes without the relevant available information employees make wrong contacts and end up connecting a wrong number or to a different segment customer making the whole process confusing. This is why the organization needed a solution to completely automate the calls made to the customers for scheduling the service slots for the product servicing.

The Solution

Our proposed solution in restructuring the communication setup

The organization needed help in restructuring the communication setup between its customers and engineers. They wanted the engineers to have complete clarity on the issues faced by them and the perfect time slot for visiting the customer premises.

We have offered them the CCS – Call Center Solution, which has made the whole process simple, easy, and centralized.

A dialer cum CRM has been deployed to consistently handle and manage all the incoming and outgoing with the exact customer’s information on the main CRM page, which helps the employees to recognize the customer and offer them a personalized greeting. Employees can even see the last updated details, follow-up info, Dispositions, etc. Now, employees can even check the previous conversation details, track the previous issues and allot the slots for visiting the customer premises.


Benefits of Omnichannel CCS

  • With more service calls completed in a day
  • Simplified call recording of all inbound and outbound call
  • An economical and easy-to-scale call management architecture
  • An economical and easy-to-scale call management architecture
  • An economical and easy-to-scale call management architecture
  • Reduction in time with replacing manual to automatic slot booking
  • Improvement in customer experience owing to more satisfied customers
  • Flexibility for handling multiple calls on the single pilot number
  • Enhancement in customer follow up’s, resulting in faster resolution of issues
  • Real-time data access to the supervisor for monitoring the call logs and performance reports
  • Outbound call automation to record customer’s complaints and issues with customized reporting mechanism
  • Centralised data availability for executives and supervisors with access to call logs and performance analytics
  • Availability of centralized database for documenting the customer information and all service
  • slot booking information for future reference

The Results

  • 200%

    Increased Call Traffic in a Month
  • 170%

    Increase in Call Handling Capability
  • 300%

    Enhancement in customer follow up’s
  • 50%

    Improvement in Customer Experience
  • 72%

    Increase in Marketing Conversions
  • 73%

    Automatic Reduction in Time

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