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Our SLA Backed Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

Help your organization expand with quick and easy to deploy (PRI) Primary Rate Interface voice solutions


Consolidated Billing

Single, unified, and trouble-free billing option for all PRI line connections


Superior Quality

Digital lines to ensure ultra-clear voice clarity compared with analog lines


Convenient Possibility

Easy and seamless shifting of PRI lines with the same number within the city

A Perfect Solution For Businesses Who Are Dependent On Telecommunication

Lower your business expenses with our PRI line that completely streamlines your business telephone communications with a low on cost.


Enterprise Level Communication Capability

In comparison to a smaller organization, larger enterprises demand a significantly greater number of concurrent communication choices. As your business grows, you may expand your dialing capacity by simply adding another circuit and initiating incoming and outgoing calling with 30 more channels, increasing the communication capacity of concurrent instances.


Utilizes VoIP for Conducting Enterprise-wide Communication Activity

Businesses using PRI can have a PBX system that utilizes VoIP for conducting enterprise-wide communication activity. The PBX system can be easily linked with our PRI lines resulting in a significantly increased number of channels for business communication.


Increases the flexibility of the company’s telecommunications setup

The number of lines offered also increases the flexibility of the company’s telecommunications setup. Further, you can be more flexible while dealing with voice and data transmissions. Call hunting, direct inward dialing, caller ID are some of the other features that are offered by PRI lines.


Unlike analog phone lines, the PRI setup is more secure

Unlike analog phone lines, the PRI setup is more secure and cannot be tapped in easily. This is because the lines are digital and allowing them to ensure increased security and an additional layer of privacy to all telecommunication flowing through it.

Streamline your telecommunications With PRI Solution

A PRI line technology was specially developed to cater to the requirements of industrial, Business, enterprise clients. As a result, they are designed to deliver services in high capacity.



PRI offers the required scalability as business requirements increase, you can enhance the dialing capacity by easily adding another line.


VOIP Interface

Enterprise customers using PRI can also have a PBX system that uses VoIP for conducting enterprise-wide communication activity.


T1 and E1

The overall transfer rate for T1 is 1.544 Mbps and E1 PRI lines are 2.048 Mbps. And both are capable of delivering 64 Kbps.


No Internet Dependency

PRI systems work on the physical cabling of PSTN lines and are not dependent on your company’s internet connectivity.



PRI Line is considered as most cost-efficient since a single connection is capable of taking on a load of 30 individual connections.


Higher Speed

Speed is another major advantage of PRI. Users can make calls over a PRI Line that is speedier and also high in voice quality.

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Discover how our PRI Line helped a pharmaceutical company with a cost-effective solution that was robust, secure, and cost-effective in their business.

Take your telecallers’ efficiency to the next level, get started with Acmatel today!

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Ease of management

Scalable with multiples of 30 channels as per your requirement.


Video Conferencing

Our advanced PRI line also supports video conferencing solutions.


Real-Time Reports

Monitor performance across multiple campaigns with ease.



Businesses can terminate the line on a PRI card in PBX devices.


Friendly billing system

Get pooling, free local CUG, and similar pilot numbers across offices.


Call Security

PRI telecom setup is more secure and cannot be tapped in easily.

Speak to us today?


Discover how our PRI Line helped a pharmaceutical company with a cost-effective solution that was robust, secure, and cost-effective in their business.

Take your telecallers’ efficiency to the next level, get started with Acmatel today!

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Why To Choose Acmatel PRI Solution

Get easy and quick-to-deploy PRI voice solutions to help your business grow



Get our PRI link on a rental basis, Save your Initial Investment on Hardware, Wiring & Maintenance cost


Scalable Plans

Get monthly rental plans according to your monthly call flow and avoid paying more on high volume call plans


Pilot Number

Display your pilot number when making outbound calls and get multiple customer calls on a single pilot number


DID / DOD Numbers

Access Direct Inward Dialing and Direct Outward Dialing facilities through your PRI Link with 30 default DID


Friendly Billing System

Pooling of resources, free local CUGs, and similar services within the offices are value-added services


Customer Satisfaction

Ensure your business is always accessible to your customers to serve them and increase their satisfaction

Testimonials Of Our Amazing Services!


PRI Solutions

I highly recommend AcmaTel’s PRI Solutions. We have 150+SIP channels to communicate with customers, high-quality voice calls help to increase the productivity of agents as well as the quality of customer service. It is incredible I would not change it for anything.

Mr. Pralhad Pandey



We are using the services of AcmaTel’s PRI Solutions for 3 years. I would glad to say that I haven’t heard or experienced any downtime till now. Well-managed services by experts, I would not hesitate to recommend the services.

Mr. Sachin Jindal


PRI Service Provider

AcmaTel is a valuable partner in our business, their PRI lines have almost 100% uptime and a very prompt support team. Whenever we have any problem, they’ve always been solved on priority. We’re very happy with AcmaTel’s service and will fully recommend them to all.

Mr. Prateek Mudaliar


SIP Channel Communication

Establishing connections with clients has been quite good with the help of PRI two-way communication channels. Superb support. Kudos to the AcmaTel team.

Mr. Rahul Garg



I am immensely pleased with AcmaTel’s PRI Solution. My firm has worked with many solution providers over the years, but AcmaTel is truly the best of the bunch. I had the privilege of using the PRI 30 channel connection, which fulfilled all my expectations as a consumer.

Mr. Manish Churiwal

Got Questions?

Find your answers right here.

A PRI line is a telephone technology that allows for voice conversations. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a telecommunications technology that allows voice, data, and video traffic to be sent over ordinary phone lines. PRI is an ISDN interface. Using multiplexing and de-multiplexing methods, a PRI line may carry numerous lines of speech and data as electrical impulses through copper cables. A PRI connection is required for a standard telecommunications operator to transport voice traffic. PRI telecom services allow two-way access between an ISDN-compliant PBX or Key System and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).


PRI stands for Primary Rate Interface.

A PRI is a voice-only connection used for phone communication. While PRI has certain scaling limits, it provides a higher-quality speech option than voice-over-IP. Using SIP, businesses may use their current Ethernet connection to provide phone services.

A PRI line is more secure than an analog line since it is far more difficult to extract them to monitor conversations, and it may also be more secure than a SIP line because communication may be routed through the public Internet.


PRI offers Thirty (30) channels.


The Quality of Service (QoS) of a PRI line is higher than that of an analog or SIP line. PRI connections have dedicated bandwidth that cannot be utilized for anything else.


A single PRI line can only handle 23 simultaneous calls; businesses that want more calling capacity must purchase additional PRI lines.




Yes, video conference services are supported by PRI.

Yes, PRI allows for merging with features such as a single pilot number.

Yes, incoming call features are available on PRI phones.

Local & STD

In PRI Plans, the standard pulse rate for mobile calls is 60 seconds for LOCAL and STD calls

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