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Our SLA backed Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk

This is a high-tech voice connectivity solution that uses the greatest IP product available. It totally replaces several fixed PSTN lines with a single physical link that can sustain up to 1500 simultaneous calls. It's simple and quick to increase the call capacity on our SIP Trunk.


Quick & Easy Scalability

On a single link 30 to 1500 call capacity can be scaled without any physical card dependency


Easy Upgrades & Downgrades

Increase or decrease your business call capacity in multiples of 10 channels, Rather than 30 in PRI


Simplifies Network

Replace your traditional multiple fixed PSTN line connection with a single link of SIP Trunk

A Perfect Solution For Any Organization Who Are Dependent on Telecommunication

Maximise your business profits with our SIP trunk link that completely streamlines your business telephone communications with a reduced call cost.


Instant return on investment (ROI)

Many company solutions require a long time to demonstrate their worth. Many other methods can take months, if not years, to pay off. SIP trunking, on the other hand, requires no risk or large upfront cost to get started. SIP trunking services are cost-effective right away. The difference between your existing PST Line payment and what you'll pay with a monthly SIP Trunk contract is immediately visible.


Security and Risk Prevention

SIP Trunk offers you superior security for all your telecommunications. SIP trunks run a dedicated connection to you. This makes your connection more protected from potential social engineering attacks.


SIP Trunking

A central place to manage all your telecommunication needs and make communication run smoothly. This means you can stop worrying and start connecting.

Advanced voice connectivity solution with SIP Trunk Link

SIP Trunk with its best-in-class IP solution replaces fixed PSTN lines with a single physical link, thus bringing down the cost. This even reduces the cost of multiple lines as well as hardware requirements for multiple ports. and it overcomes the issues related to scalability, maintenance, and convergence. Opt for this innovative solution now.


High-Quality Voice

Clear, reliable, and high-definition voice communications on all end devices.


Flexible Deployment

Deploy the telecommunication systems over dedicated links starting with as low as 30 channels.


Maximum Availability

Intelligent SIP trunk routing protocols and resilient network infrastructure assure maximum uptime.


Attentive Management

Our Account Managers will fulfill your pre-sales or post-sales request in the shortest possible time.


Technical Support 24/7

Our technical support team is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on any of your issues.


Competitive Prices

Our aggressive pricing policy enables us to offer you the best and make you earn more.

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Discover how our SIP Trunk Link helped a real estate builder with a cost-effective solution that was robust, and easy to scale connectivity to increase the focus on their business.

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Ease of Installation

SIP Trunk is easy to set up and configure, for everyday business inbound and outbound callings.


Network Flexibility

Your existing phone systems such as analog or IP phones can also be used to make communication.


Unlimited Calls

You can even opt for our unlimited plan where you don't need to pay on the pulse or minute-based billing.


Crystal Clear Sound

Ensure all in and outcalls are crisp and clear with a stable SIP Trunk Link we provide tier 1 quality voice clarity.


Grow and Scale Globally

Growing or expanding can become very expensive but with SIP Trunk grow and scale globally.


Exceptional Call Quality

Upgrading your business telecommunication to SIP Trunking brings exceptional call quality.

Speak to us today?


Discover how our SIP Trunk Link helped a real estate builder with a cost-effective solution that was robust, and easy to scale connectivity to increase the focus on their business.

Take your telecallers’ efficiency to the next level, get started with Acmatel today!

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Why Choose SIP Trunk ?

With our simple-to-implement advanced voice connectivity solution, you can scale your business communications up or down.


Reduce Spendings

SIP Trunking does not require a major capital investment and it also reduces your business spendings on communication


Leverages Broadband

SIP trunks are delivered via IP using a modern Internet circuit, allowing for more call volume as per the business need


Efficient Communications

SIP trunking unifies various communication mechanisms, allowing you to select the most efficient medium for your needs


Reduces Call Cost

Reduce monthly communications expenditures by 25-60%, being the most important reason for migrating to SIP trunking


Increases Productivity

SIP trunking increases employee collaboration by allowing employees to communicate with one another from any location


Stable & Reliable

SIP Trunking is very stable and Reliable. Rather than being dependent on local power circuit outages, it is connected to a data center

Some Of Our SIP Trunk Client Testimonials!


SIP Trunk Solution

I deal with many companies and their services. But AcmaTel is by far the best I have ever dealt with. I had issues that have been once or twice in two years they resolve the issue or help you through it without the usual “not our problem” reasons. I highly recommend AcmaTel SIP Trunk.

Mr. Sunder Maran



IP-PBX Business Phone System

Very reliable service. Very easy to set up with PBX, IP-PBX, and gateways. Simple and easy to use dashboard, instant availability makes setup easy. Customer support was great both during the initial setup and whenever required.

Ms. Akruti Desai


SIP Trunk Services

As an ISP I have been using SIP Trunk for my customers for years now. I have little to no problems with their services while reselling the telephone service of AcmaTel SIP Trunk, and their technical support team has taught me everything I should know when it comes to handling it.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar


IP Solution

AcmaTel’s SIP Trunk service works as expected and when I had technical issues (related to call connect) but, customer support has always been excellent. I highly recommend AcmaTel.

Mr. Parul Bangar


SIP Trunk Channel

I am using SIP Trunk for several years and their service is extremely reliable and flexible. Recently I upgraded my call capacity to 50 channels and that process was super easy, just an email made that happen.

Thanks to AcmaTel for such wonderful customer support.

Mr. Santosh Teli

Got Questions?

Find your answers right here.

SIP stands for “Session Internet Protocol”

SIP enables simple and rapid expansion while requiring no new infrastructure.


Each SIP package can have a minimum of 30 channels.


Yes, unlimited plan choices are available; please leave your contact details and we will contact you soon.

We provide up to 1500 channels on a single trunk

Yes, channel upgrades can be done through the channel on-demand option for a limited time.


SBC stands for Session Border Controller



Using telemarketing SIP, we can provide up to 3 DIDs for every 100 channels.

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